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Which Watcho Plays are Tailor-made for Action Lovers?

Watcho has some of the best plays for the youngsters to look forward to if they want to keep themselves entertained in the long run. There are plays across a wide set of genres that the audiences would enjoy streaming on their TV sets and smartphone screens if they are tired of watching the usual Bollywood stuff and wish to try out something fresh and different.

If you are a fan of theatre-productions, then Watcho has some of the best Watcho plays for you to tune into. Almost all of the plays available for streaming on the Watcho app are loaded with a meaningful message. All those who have a liking for meaningful theatre productions can check out the various plays available for streaming on Watcho right at this moment.

Check out some of the best plays available for streaming on Watcho right now:


‘Netua’ is the story of a young man who decides to take up ‘Netuagiri’ as a profession. He gets inspired by his grandfather and decides to take up the profession. However, he gets sexually assaulted by landlords. Also, his status in the society makes it difficult for him to realise his dream of becoming an artist. He wishes to explore the artistic side of his personality, but ends up facing obstacles every step of the way. The first season of this Watcho play is 6 episodes long. Watch it right now if you like watching the plays that contain a strong social message.

‘Four Shades’

‘Four Shades’ is the story of four women. They have all committed murders. The audience to the trial proceedings is given a chance to pass the verdict after going through the arguments presented by the women. So, it can be said that the audience is the judge (in this case). The first season of this riveting play contains just three (30 episodes. You will be able to watch this play in just a single go once you start watching it. Interestingly, the Watcho app also lets you pay for your Dish TV recharge plans with ease. 

Julius Caesar

‘Julius Caesar’ is the story of the celebrated Roman general and King. He is murdered by a bunch of conspirators (led by Marcus Brutus and Gaius Longinus). The play is one of William Shakespeare’s finest works. All those who wish to witness a tale of betrayal and murder should make it a point to add this Watcho play to their watch list without fail. Watch all six ‘(6) episodes of this play if you wish to revisit the legend of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

Panne Ki Angoothi

‘Panne Ki Angoothi’ is a popular thriller play on the Watcho app wherein a murder takes place in a mansion. The story is set in the winter of Nainital and everybody turns into a suspect within no time. Watch this play if you wish to come to terms with a bunch of exciting and innovative secrets. This Watcho play is a must-watch for all those who wish to treat their eyes to an old-school murder mystery. This play will keep you busy for long as it contains nine (9) episodes.

The Watcho app is one of the best OTT platforms for all those who wish to watch the best original web shows, plays, short films, etc. on their smartphones this monsoon. Also, the Watcho app is used to make payments for Dish TV recharge plans. Check out this feature of the Watcho app right now.

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