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Adult-Comedy Shows on Watcho to Have a Great Time at Home

Adult comedy shows happen to be a striking feature of the Watcho app. All those who enjoy streaming original Indian web series in Hindi can give this OTT and live TV app a try. There is a lot of exciting and original video content that the viewers will enjoy streaming on their smartphone screens when they get the Watcho app downloaded.

This app is a must watch for those who have a taste for comedy shows. If you are a fan of Watcho originals, then do make it certain to add a bunch of the latest shows to your watch list without wasting time. In short, you will find a lot of exciting stuff as soon as you tune into this OTT powerhouse.

Here are some of the best Watcho originals within the comedy genre for the viewers to tune into right away:

The Senti-Mentals

‘The Senti-Mentals’ is one of the best shows for you to watch if you want to watch something unique and light-hearted. A young man meets a young woman in an under-construction building. They both wish to commit suicide. Interestingly, there are several other suspicious activities taking place within the confines of that under-construction building. All of the stories tend to overlap once the story moves forward. There are 5 episodes in the first season of ‘The Senti-Mentals’. Watch it within a day’s time.

The Morning Show

‘The Morning Show’ is a must-watch for all those who happen to be the fans of Ali Asghar and Kiku Sharda’s comic timing. All those who want to watch a hilarious show can give the first season of ‘The Morning Show’ in order to keep themselves entertained. Ali Asghar plays a struggling actor in the show. He opens a gym of his own because he thinks that all actors and celebrities make their way to the gym in order to keep themselves fit. This Watcho original is a must-watch for all the comedy enthusiasts. Download Watcho and watch this show right now.

4 Thieves

‘4 Thieves’ has become a cult-classic in recent times. It is one of the most popular shows available for streaming on the Watcho app. All those who wish to stay on top of the entertainment game can check this show out. A group of friends decides to rob the warehouse of an art-gallery exhibition. If you are looking to watch a heist-thriller show, then this show on the Watcho app is just about perfect for you. The first season of this show is just five (5) episodes long. If you are a fan of comic-thriller shows, then do watch ‘4 Thieves’ without fail. Start watching it right away.


‘Befaltu’ is an adult-comedy show that contains eight (8) episodes. It is about a group of people. They all find themselves caught in a secluded bungalow. To spice up the matter a bit, they are all suffering from an STD (sexually-transmitted disease) of some kind. There are several ups and downs that these people tend to come across whilst residing in this bungalow. Watch all eight episodes in one go if you want to stay entertained and excited. There are several hilarious moments that the viewers will come across while watching this show on their smartphone screens. Watch this Watcho original if you want to explore a hilarious adult-comedy show.


Jokeistan is also a cult-classic show wherein a bunch of friends get to meet each other after a long-long time. They crack jokes and stories. They are all talking to each other, cracking jokes and having fun. However, there is a hidden agenda. They want to extract a large sum of money from one of the friends. Will they be able to succeed? Well, watch the first season of Jokeistan to find out. Of late, this show has been garnering a lot of eye balls.

The Watcho app is going to be the perfect pick for you if you want to explore the best Indian web series in Hindi (and in various other languages as well) download the app now and get ready to have the time of your life from the comfort of your home.

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