Which Different Lifestyle Services are Available with Dish TV DTH?

Dish TV DTH brings some of the best lifestyle channels for the viewers to check out.  All of the subscribers who wish to enjoy a hearty (and informative) weekend can give this premium ‘Active’ service a try. All those who have a taste for women-oriented lifestyle shows can also give this service a try. Women’s Active is one of the striking features of this service.

All those who want to explore the best Dish TV Active services can try out this very popular service. Right from fitness to cooking, this ‘Active’ service lets the viewers stream a wide range of exclusive services. Get a Dish TV DTH connection and subscribe to all of your favourite Active services, including the ones providing lifestyle services.

Here are some of the best lifestyle services that the users can check out with Dish TV’s Active services:

Women’s Active

‘Women’s Active’ is a female-oriented services offered by Dish TV DTH. This service is all about women and child development. Also, fitness tips, fashion, and home décor tips are also provided to the viewers on this premium ‘Active’ channel. This channel is available for streaming at just INR 1.3/day after the first 15 days. All the women who wish to take self-development seriously. There are several exciting shows that you will be able to enjoy if you go for this Dish TV Active service.

Cooking Active

‘Cooking Active’ is a must-have service for all the working mothers out there. All those who love stupendous main courses and/or finger foods can subscribe to this popular service. Celebrity chefs, such as Vicky Ratnani, host a wide range of cooking shows to teach you the art of cooking some exciting and quick recipes. All those who wish to plant a king-sized smile on the faces of their kids and family can give this Active service a try at just Rs. 1.3/day. This is an ad-free service that you get to subscribe to if you choose to go for a Dish TV DTH connection.

Ayushmaan Active

‘Ayushmaan Active’ is for those who want to explore the beauty of classic Indian movies. This service can be availed at just INR 1/day for the first seven (7) days. All those who want to get their hands on a bunch of handy fitness tips and a lot more can give this Dish TV Active service

a try. The viewers choosing to go for this service will be able to get their hands on a health and wellness tips, financial guidance tips, and a whole lot more.

Fitness Active

‘Fitness Active’ is all about health, fitness, yoga and meditation. All those who want to add a pinch of meditation to their lives can give this Active service a go ahead. Apart from yoga and meditation, the subscribers will also get to check out a bunch of useful nutrition-oriented tips. This service is all you need if you wish to take health and fitness seriously.  The price of this Active service from Dish TV DTH is just INR 1.3/day.

There are several other entertainment-oriented Active services that the viewers can subscribe to by paying a nominal fee. Get a Dish TV DTH connection and enjoy the best premium and HD channels on your TV sets.

A Dish TV DTH connection is known for its focus on the average Indian user. All of the Indian viewers who want to explore the very best Indian channels, including regional and international channel networks. Get your hands on a Dish TV DTH subscription right now and unlock a world loaded with surprises.

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