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5 Dish TV Active Service Packs That Every Women Should Subscribe

Women have different preferences in clothing, beauty, lifestyle, and even entertainment choices. Whether you are a working mother or a busy homemaker, sometimes you need to take a break and relax! While relaxing after a hectic day, you might be looking for the best TV show to watch on your TV.

Instead of just switching back and forth, why not subscribe to the active service packs on Dish TV? Upgrade your TV experience by switching to DishNXT HD at just Rs. 999/- from your existing SD connection. Enjoy TV channels with 5X better quality and 5.1 surround sound on a Dish TV HD set-top boxWondering which active service packs to avail of on your Dish TV connection? Check out our exclusively handpicked Dish TV Active Service Packs:

  • Shorts TV Active – Dish TV HD set-top box

Whether you are working from home or office, life can get a bit too hectic during the busy workweek. Take a break from the work and chores of the day and binge-watch some short films and web series on Shorts TV Active Service Pack. Go big on entertainment with Shorts TV Active Service at an offer price of Rs. 4.2 for the first 5 days and then Rs. 2 per day. Once you have subscribed to Shorts TV Active Service, enjoy watching original web series on the Watcho app. Watch oscar nominated short films like Adheen, Aembras, and Alisha.

  • Women’s Active – Dish TV HD set-top box

Subscribe to this women-centric new Women’s Active Service Pack on Dish TV. You can subscribe today at an introductory price of Rs. 1.3/- per day. All shows are specially curated for women that are featured from morning to evening with a repeat broadcast. Get the latest fashion and beauty tips, learn to decorate your home on a budget, stay fit with health and fitness tips, keep your hair healthy and shiny with exclusive hair care tips, and much more on Women’s Active service on Dish TV HD set-top box.

  • Fitness Active – Dish TV HD set-top box

Every woman struggles with some kind of health and fitness-related issues. Subscribe to Fitness Active Service Pack on Dish TV at Rs. 1.3/- per day. You might struggle to fit in some daily exercise amid other activities. Not anymore! With live exercise classes by health coaches, you can exercise while watching it live. Stay healthy with health and nutrition tips from nutritionists and doctors. Lose that extra pounds with fitness tips from celebrity fitness coaches only on Fitness Active Service Pack.

  • Cooking Active – Dish TV HD set-top box

Wondering what to eat at the end of a busy workday? Ladies, you don’t need to order unhealthy takeaway dinners. Instead, why not learn cooking and baking from pro chefs on Cooking Active Pack on Dish TV HD set-top box? Say goodbye to takeaway dinners by cooking easy and quick recipes. Surprise your family by learning to cook delicious restaurant-quality dishes. Learn home cooking and baking skills from celebrity chefs like Vicky Ratnani, Ranveer Brar, and others.

  • Music Active – Dish TV HD set-top box

Play some grooving music in the background while you are doing household chores. Enjoy the latest hit music from Bollywood and music video albums with Music Active Service at Rs. 1.3 per day. Listen to music on stereophonic sound after a workday on 20 Audio channels. Groove to Bollywood hits, indie-pop music, and more songs on Music Active Service. Subscribe to Music Active service to listen to ad-free non-stop music.

No matter what your job profile is, as a woman you need to subscribe to these Dish TV Active Service Packs. Avail of festive deals and subscribe to these Active Service Packs on Dish TV.

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