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What Role Do Big Data Analytics Play in a BPO Setup

Talk to any seasoned BPO professional and you will realise that big data analytics sits at the heart of all customer service operations. If you have big data at your disposal, then you will be able to dive deeper into the realm of consumer behaviour. The idea behind employing big data analytics is simple: it provides the companies with a bunch of insights that help them in formulating their campaigns. Also, big data helps classify and organize vast chunks of disorganized data.

This allows the companies and business with an opportunity to refine their marketing and advertising campaigns. Machines can be trained using big data as part of machine learning programs. Predictive modelling also becomes a possibility with big data analytics. A BPO call centre is always on the lookout for ways to connect with the masses (customers) in a better way. Fortunately, big data analytics is the lens that allows companies and businesses to dive deeper into the minds of the buyers, users and customers (both existing and prospective).

Here is the role played by big data in a BPO setup:

Predicting Upcoming Problems Can Turn Out to be Quite Handy

The ability to predict upcoming problems is important. Take it this way: big data analytics makes it possible for the marketers to understand the behavioural patterns of the consumers. All those who have been in the business of customer service for a considerable amount of time would be well aware of the fact that predictive analytics can go a long way in predicting upcoming customer problems. Predict a customer problem before it strikes and you will be able to stay on top of the customer experience game.

Enhances Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is the fulcrum around which the modern-day BPO setups revolve. Big data analytics can come in really handy if a BPO is planning to provide its customers with the best-in-class experience. A major advantage of using big data analytics in a BPO call centre is: the calls get connected to the executives who have specific solutions to a customer’s/caller’s problems. Take this example: if a caller/customer has a problem regarding product usage, then get him in touch with the executives who knows the product inside out. 

Identification of the Channels That the Users are Using

The idea is to tailor the BPO service in accordance with a customer’s preferences. Big data analytics make it possible for the call centre agents to ascertain the communication channel preferred by a particular set of users. In this way, a call centre agent will be able to target a particular set of consumers that use a particular communication medium, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There are several users who make use of social media in order to make themselves heard. With big data analytics, a business house can always segregate and classify users according to the medium they use.  The customer experience will go up by several notches if you can classify customers in accordance with the communication medium they use. You will then be able to attend to all of their queries, questions and problems in a much better way than usual.

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