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What Forms the Heart of Customer Experience Inside BPO?

A BPO call centre revolves around one thing, i.e. customer experience. All those who have worked in a call centre at some point in their life will be well aware of the fact customer experience is the most important ingredient if you wish to concoct an everlasting relationship with your customers. However, customer experience is defined differently by different people. There are people who want to get their problems and issues fixed. If the issue gets fixed, then the customer experience is ‘good’.

Interestingly, not many people know the true meaning of customer experience. It is an ongoing process. The moment a customer faces a product or service-related issue, a BPO call centre executive will have to get it addressed (and sorted).

Here are a few ingredients (factors) that form the heart of customer experience within a BPO:

Listening to the Consumer is Very Important:

Well, it goes without saying that listening happens to be a fine art. Not a lot of people have this habit of listening to their customers with patience. However, your listening abilities are of paramount importance if you wish to make a career for yourself in the field of customer service. Listen to your customer/caller thoroughly if you wish to provide him/her with a reliable solution. This is how you will be able to enhance the customer experience.

Understand The Situation Thoroughly

Yes. It is very important for the BPO call centre agent to understand the caller’s situation. You cannot provide the caller with a set of random solutions. Listen to what he has to say. Analyse the situation before providing the customer with a reliable solution. Here is an example; if a customer is complaining about a faulty product, then you cannot take him through the user manual. You will have to listen to his problems before asking him to bring his faulty product to the customer care centre in order to get it repaired.

Provide Specific Solutions

The need to provide specific solutions to address customer problems has grown by leaps and bounds. It is a given fact that no two customers are the same. This means the solutions you provide are also going to be different. Also, it is important to understand a caller’s problems/issues before bombarding and overpowering him with a bunch of random and/or irrelevant solutions. Take this example: you won’t ask a person to get his/her product repaired if he happens to be asking you about the different ways to use the product. Several BPO call centres commit this mistake of asking irrelevant questions and providing irrelevant solutions to their customers and callers. Do not commit this mistake after reading this pointer.

Follow Up Calls and Feedback is Important as Well

Follow-up calls are just as important because there are times when a customer might want your help more than once. You need to be at your customer’s disposal whenever he is in need of you. Also, do take the feedback very seriously because it will help you get better in the long run. Do not take negative feedback emotionally. Learn from it in order to get better.

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