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Things to Consider When Buying Surgical Gloves

The healthcare industry seriously adheres to the philosophy of prevention is better than cure. Medical gloves are quintessential supplies that are used by the healthcare industry to evident how serious they take the philosophy. This medical supply is the best example in case of providing protection and stays safe in the case of professionals as well as patients. Generally, these medical gloves are divided into two different categories such as surgical gloves and examination gloves.

In the present times, you can find a wide range of surgical gloves online with no hassle at all. But before going with any of these, we need to keep some of the vital factors in mind associated with surgical gloves. Thus, we take the initiative to consider some factors that are vital in the case of choosing and buying surgical gloves. So, let us have a look at these factors below to know more.

Material of gloves

There are three designated materials available in surgical gloves, such as latex, nitrile, and Vinyl. All these types of materials are different in their way and you need to make sure which one is good for your needs. Such as Vinyl is free from protein, latex, and any allergies, but latex is flexible. So, try to make a comparison between these materials and pick up the suitable one.

Powdered versus unpowdered gloves

Surgeons prefer to wear gloves that are powered and contain cornstarch that make it easy to slip the gloves on their hands quickly. While the ease of usage is the biggest advantage of using powered gloves but the powder can create some complexities when it comes in contact with exposed tissues while performing any procedure or surgery. In most cases, the powder may lead to infection and also, lower the process of healing. Due to all such reasons, these powered gloves have been banned by the FDA and it is required to use unpowdered gloves for surgical purposes.

Compatibility with existing products

You should need to make sure that the gloves you have chosen are compatible with all surgical products ranges from surgical lights to surgical blades. A good way to analyze this aspect of surgical gloves is to give them a test run and use it once for surgical operations.

Procedure-related needs

Your team of surgeons needs a definite kind of gloves relying on the rigors as well as the needs of a specified procedure. In addition to this, you will have to keep in mind some unique needs of each patient mainly in case of latex allergy that may be a possibility.

Protection level

You ought to consider the kind as well as the level of protection that your team is more likely to require on regular basis, in addition to understanding the certain barrier requirements attached to different procedures. When it is time to deal with the level of protection, you need to keep an eye over some aspects such as puncture resistance, tensile length, and thickness to assist you in guiding for the buying of surgical gloves.

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