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Reasons You Need to Stay Closer to Your Office

In all fairness, travelling to and from work takes a considerable amount of time. Those using the metro would be well aware of the perils of travelling in a crowded coach. In all fairness, there’s nothing worse than getting to travel in a crowded bus or metro as it is something that is bound to tire you out. But if you live nearby your workplace, then you will be well aware of the perks of it.

Take this for an example: Noida is the IT hub of North India, with newer IT companies coming into the picture every second day. So, if you are planning to work for a company that has access to a commercial office space (for lease) in Noida, then make sure that you are stationed near the workplace.

Here’s why you need to stay near your workplace

You Get More Family/Personal Time

That’s the best part about having a house close to your workplace. Well, a lot of us complain that hectic work hours, coupled with travel time, end up consuming a major chunk of the time at hand. Work is fine but travel time needs to be brought down. If you live close by, then travelling won’t be a major issue. Also, if you can reach home in a matter of minutes, then you get to spend more time at home, which means you can go out for an evening walk in order to rejuvenate yourself. Similarly, you can spend a good amount of time at home while indulging in friendly banters with your near and dear ones.

Helps you Stay Tension-Free

What if I miss that bus? How will I get home? Well, all of these questions keep popping up every now and then. But no such questions will arise if you stay at a distance of 15-20 minutes from your workplace. If you stay nearby your workplace, then you can reach home by catching one of the local buses that keeping roaming around in the vicinity. Having a house nearby is really important if you stay back in office in order to complete the work you do.

You can Opt For Flexible Shifts

There are quite a few night owls out there, which means staying up till late in the night isn’t a big deal. Therefore, it is important to station yourself near the workplace. In this way, you can stay back in office and complete your shift by staying in the office till late without having to worry about getting back home. Come at 10 in the morning and leave at 7 in the evening if you stay close by. If you work in Noida and are planning to shift there in order to make your life easier, then ensure that your house/ apartment is at a distance of 15-20 minutes from your workplace.

Increased Productivity

It goes without saying that if you are staying close to your workplace, then you get to concentrate on your work without worrying too much about the variables. Well, you cannot work wholeheartedly if the thought of getting back home in the evening stays on top of your mind for long. But all of this can be taken care of if you station yourself near the place of work.

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