5 Reasons Why Employee Shuttle Service is a Great Office Amenity

Corporate travel is picking up pace among many difficult-to-reach areas and elsewhere too. While, in this growing rush of companies putting in their best of efforts to attract and retain the best talent, the pressure of offering great office amenities is building up. While many choose to reimburse their employees for their travel to work every month, some go an extra mile to care for their employees by offering them corporate travel facility like shuttle service.

There are environmental benefits, the cost to company is economical since all employees travel to work together in a group everyday by thus establishing discipline and it’s a beautiful way of saying your employees that you care.

Most IT companies operating out of special economic zone Gurgaon (SEZ Gurgaon) offer their employees daily shuttle service from either home or the nearest pick up point.

Here are some of the benefits of shuttle service for employees and why it’s viewed as probably the best office amenity to attract and retain employees:

  1. Employees Feel Better

Employees who use office shuttle every day to work are believed to be healthier, less stressed, relaxed, and arrive happy and peaceful to work since they don’t have to go through the trouble of cutting through the peak traffic every day. They can eat their meals, plan their day, check emails, and get started with the day since someone else is driving.

  1. Strengthens Company’s Position

While you mention ‘shuttle service to work’ as an added benefit to offer your employees, you’re definitely perceived as a thoughtful organization that cares for its employees. Not just that makes you a desirable employer but also you help employees achieve work-life balance.

  1. Great Employee Retention Tool

Employees perceive shuttle service as a great benefit that can make them stick to an organization for long since they know their transportation expenses are being taken care of. Plus, they get to interact, make new friends, and build a social circle. All this translates into lower employee turnover rate and absenteeism rate.

  1. Culminates Discipline

Since all employees travel together in the office shuttle that runs on fixed departure and arrival time slots, it works in favour of the organization to establish discipline at work. All employees come and go on time and maintain a certain number of productive hours.

  1. Boosts Productivity

When the employees no longer have to drive to work and home every day, it gets easier for them to focus on work and worry less about the commute, or finding the transport back home. It helps them stay productive through the day with increased focus on critical tasks.

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