Exquisite Architectural Marvels Worth Visiting a Country

Magnificent architectures have always inspired human minds. In the last century, human civilization has witnessed enormous progress in architectural fronts. There are so many structures to marvel at from skyscrapers to flyovers to bridges. These countries are worth to visit to witness the magnificent structures created by human hands. Countries like Dubai, America, Singapore are filled with stalwart structures, skyscrapers, bridges, etc. If you visit America,

The construction of a bridge involves a complex undertaking of technical knowledge and architectural expertise. A bridge is often built to reduce traffic or to allow pedestrians to connect between two cities or to connect two different places. In the ancient and medieval era, fresh water was transported through aqueducts. These were used to transport fresh water for great distances during the medieval era. From spectacular suspension bridges to pedestrian walkways, construction of bridges is a challenging process and involves many years of endeavor. If you are visiting these countries, check out these spectacular bridges.

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The stunning Brooklyn Bridge across the New York City Skyline spans at a length of 1596 feet over the East River. It features a great pedestrian walkway for the walkers and the cyclists above the automobile lanes. The Golden Gate bridge is certainly the most spectacular bridge in California. It is one of the world’s longest too spanning 4200 feet. It is constructed with earthquake-resistant technology. This bridge has walkways, bicycling lanes, and a six-vehicle traffic lane. Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy is a classic example of renaissance infrastructure.  It is a one-of-a-kind bridge spanning over the Arno river. This bridge had medieval century workshops and houses on the top of the structure. Now a major tourist destination in Florence, this bridge has a history of surviving through the World War II. Akashi Kaiko is the longest suspension bridge, located in Japan. It is also the tallest bridge in the World. It connects the city of Kobe with Iwaya. It spans a length of 3911m. This magnificent structure is made of steel.

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