How to Write a SAT Essay

SAT is an entrance exam which is considered by several universities and colleges in the United States and Canada during admission in various undergraduate courses. There are 20 SAT subject tests in five main subjects. These subjects are Mathematics, English, Science, History, and Languages. Each test is an hour long for different subjects. There are plenty of ways to approach these tests. Different people have their own way to strategize how to start their test. To complete your test in the given time you must strategize how to approach and complete your test effectively. Because it will be difficult to read the passage, analyze it and deliver a perfect essay effectively in just 50 minutes. If you want to know the hack to deliver best essay writing, then read on and know one of the most popular ways to do an SAT test.

What All Things Does A SAT Essay Need?

To deliver one of the best essay write-ups you must keep these points in your mind. Let’s take a look.

  • Introduction
  • Crystal clear statement
  • Particular examples
  • A supportive explanation for examples
  • Feel free to ask for help
  • Conclusion


The introduction is the most important part of an essay. Sometimes it happens that SAT graders read just the introduction and conclusion of an essay due to time crunch. Thus, it is important to write an attractive introduction to your essay. Keep in mind that you should not start discussing arguments straight away but present them handsomely. You must first start with your analysis and a supportive statement to keep your point in the introduction. Then, briefly mention the persuasive techniques used by the author that you will be discussing further in your essay.

Crystal Clear Statement

Several students overlook this step and thus fallback in the exam. So, I have specially separated this point so that you don’t miss it and score best in your SAT test. You must be on point with your answer. Express a precise point that the author has portrayed about his or her techniques that have been used to argue the point. If you fail to do this, then you are surely going to lose some points here. SAT graders care about how much you have understood the author’s point of argument and how have you portrayed it in your answer. They do not care about what stance have you took.

This task has been specially designed by SAT examiners to analyze your ability to understand the structure of an argument. If you fail to do so then there is no use of giving this test.

Particular Examples to Bolster Your Point

To support your argument, you must include some specific examples from the passage which clearly explain that the author has used these techniques. Examples will validate your point and thus will be relevant to your thesis. There is no need to paraphrase or summarize the whole passage, just write enough so that the reader can understand your example and it is done. Your examples will surely impress the graders if they are correct.

Explain Your Examples

If you want to deliver the best essay writing then you must support your examples with proper explanation. With each example, you must include the details of the example. But the work is not done here. Along with this, you must explain how each example demonstrates the technique used by the author and why is it persuasive. For example, let’s say that the author has used vivid language in order to persuade readers. Then, you must quote some examples from the passage to support your argument where the author uses vivid language. You must also explain this example in detail which will definitely fetch you good marks in your SAT exam.

Feel Free to Ask for Help

Writing an SAT essay is one of the most anxious tasks for the students and above we have told you several tips to help you write a perfect SAT essay. But, a helping hand is always indeed for everyone in any situation, so, if you are still in problem and unable to write your SAT essay; feel free to let us know your requirements and Make My Grades will provide you the best SAT essay with the best quality and plagiarism free content.


Last but not the least; you must sum up your argument with an impressive conclusion. In conclusion, restate your thesis and give a brief account of the examples that you have used in your thesis. Remember, not to contradict yourself here and make the conclusion crisp and straight to the point. Do not give examples in the conclusion; end your essay on a strong note.

These are the main points that you must keep in mind while preparing for the SAT exam. Start with an introduction with not more than 5 sentences, then 4-5 lines for your statement, followed by 7-10 sentences for each example (the more supportive examples, the better), end your essay with a brief conclusion and end it in 2-4 sentences. These tactics will definitely help you to clear your exam.


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