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How to Upgrade Your Home Décor for the Summer Months?

After all the frost and snow, it is refreshing to see the crocuses burst into full bloom, the sun shining bright, and seedlings growing everywhere.

Spring cleaning is on order with the onset of the summer! This is the perfect time to clear out all the clutter and give your home a fresh new look.

Earthy shades with a touch of sustainability works great for this season. Shop luxury furniture online on the Craft Beton website. They offer designer cement craft furnishings like concrete brush holder, basin, tray, bar stool, lamp, clock, etc.

Check out the best tips for decorating your home this summer:

Softer Hues

If you have white or cream walls, spring is the perfect time to add a pop of color. Choose pastel shades like pale pink, blush peach, faded yellow, beige, matcha green, lilac, or soft aqua. These colors will add a fresh tone to your home. You can also add a pop of vibrant shade on a softer backdrop. Shop luxury furniture online that complement the theme of your overall home décor.

If your bathroom is done in shades of grey, beige, or charcoal, add this concrete brush holder from Craft Beton.

concrete brush holder by Craft Beton

Sustainable Style

This is a great time to get some jute baskets, bamboo stools, terracotta, jute rugs, concrete furnishing in your home. Sustainable décor is best for a minimalist style. To add a touch of elegance to your living room, shop luxury furniture online on the Craft Beton website. Consider concrete lamps and stylish bookends to add to your study room décor.

Nature- Inspired Artwork

Replace abstract paintings and empty walls with floral artwork. A watercolor painting of some colorful peonies is a great way to add a pop of vibrant color to your room. Water lilies by Claude Monet can be a great painting to adorn in your living room walls for Spring.

Fresh Flowers

This is a time to put up some beautiful spring blossoms in your home. Put some bougainvillea in a jute vase or a ceramic pot. You can also place some indoor plants and bonsai trees to add freshness to the house. Add fresh flowers like peonies, gladiolus, daisy, and hydrangea. You can also add some spring plants.


Change the cushion covers to complement the décor of this season. Choose colours like aqua, yellow, lime green, or pastel pink for your home.


There’s nothing more beautiful than the sparkly sunshine peaking in through sheers on a spring morning. Replace heavy curtains with cream sheers. Long sheer curtains can create a serene backdrop to a living room or bedroom.

Summer Fabric

Bring in the linen bedcovers, cushion covers, and tablecloths during the summer. Choose linen bedsheets in neutral yet vibrant shades like rusted orange or mustard yellow.

Fresh Aromas for the Season

Add a refreshing touch to your living room with some beautiful aromas. Use the essential oil or scented candles for aroma. Choose fresh aromas like citrus, zingy lemon, relaxing lavender or fresh-cut grass.

These are some of the ways to brighten up your space for the season that will add a refreshing fresh feel to your home.

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