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7 Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Concrete Furniture

Outdoor concrete furniture is believed to be an investment and you’d certainly don’t want that to rely on the mercy of the outdoor temperature and other elements. While it is of no debate that concrete is one of those materials that require least amount of care and maintenance but if you want your concrete stuff to last forever, follow some basic care tips.

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Here are some expert-backed concrete maintenance tips for an everlasting concrete furniture:

1. Get to Know Your Environment

Here in India, we have extreme heat during the summers, rains and humidity during the monsoons and cold in winters. However, concrete being a naturally tough and solid material, can easily take the weather beatings but if anything sits on the surface for too long, it is supposed to cause a slow and gradual damage which is visible over the years. Here, a pro tip is to wipe the surface regularly to avoid anything sit and settle on its surface and cause the damage.

2. Do Basic Cleaning & Maintenance Right

Practice daily cleaning techniques to ensure a longer concrete life. Make it a habit to daily wipe and clean the concrete furniture’s surface to avoid letting spills and debris sit on its surface for long and do the damage. Frequent and timely cleaning of concrete surface makes sure they keep looking their best forever.

3. Remove Stains Immediately

Although, if you protect your concrete furniture with a concrete sealant, it is still advisable to clean the spills and stains as soon as possible. Timely cleaning will make sure that the stains and spills don’t sit on the surface for long and don’t stain it. This will prevent and delay discolouration of the concrete.

4. Avoid Putting Weight on Concrete

Although concrete is an extremely strong and durable material, residential concrete furniture isn’t designed to withstand large weight. Make sure you don’t put an extremely heavy weight or article on your outdoor concrete furniture to prevent it from cracking.

5. Use Basic Cleaning Liquid

There are no separately designed detergents or cleaning agents to clean your concrete furniture on everyday level. You can use a mild soapy liquid in warm water to clean all spills and stains on an everyday basis. This makes looking after your concrete even easier and economical compared to other furniture.

6. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Never ever spray or put any chemical on your concrete either for cleaning or any other purpose as that can easily discolour the concrete’s actual colour. Also, the concrete surface may react differently to the chemicals and may make its sealant get a bit loosely gripped. That will make your concrete furniture prone to cracking and looking faded.

7. Get it Polished Annually

After you’ve applied all basic concrete maintenance tips stated above, make sure you get your concrete furniture polished minimum once in a year. This will help your concrete don’t lose its texture, shine, colour, and shape and will keep it beautiful looking years after years.

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