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Here is Everything That Makes Dish TV DTH Special

Dish TV is one of the top DTH service’s in the country at present. All those who want to get more out of their TV sets can go for Dish TV DTH right at this moment. If you are fond of HD TV channels and movies-on-Demand services, then you will be glad to know that Dish TV is here to provide you with all of it at affordable prices. Simply put, this DTH service is not to be missed. This DTH service, with all its interactive premium services, is a must-have for all those who wish to take their TV-viewing experience to the next level.

Plus, you can also choose single channels and add them to your list of subscriptions whenever you like. Plus, you can add/remove any channel within minutes. So, you can easily say that Dish TV DTH is here to make things convenient for you.

Here is Everything Dish TV Provides Its Users With:

  • HD Channels Across Genres

All viewers get to watch HD TV channels with Dish TV DTH. All those who are fond of watching TV at home should have a Dish TV DTH connection at their disposal. This DTH service provides the viewers with a great deal of entertainment value. Most of the channels you get with Dish TV DTH are in high-definition (HD). This means you will get to experience the best HD entertainment at home if you choose to go for Dish TV DTH.  There is always an HD channel running an interesting program on the HD channels provided by Dish TV DTH. So, go for it right now.

  • Exclusive Channel Packs

Channel packs offered by Dish TV cut across various genres and sub-genres. There are various channel packages you can choose from. Take this for an example: there is this popular sports add-on, called Special India Cricket Service, which can be bought by all of the sports lovers out there. So, go for this additional service by Dish TV if you happen to be a sports lover.

What’s more, sports channels in regional languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, are also available for the viewers to look forward to.

Apart from sports channels, the viewers will also get other channel packs, such as entertainment channel packs and devotional channel packs. So, you can say that there is something for just about everybody to look forward to. So, go for a Dish TV DTH connection right now to enjoy a great time at home with friends and family members.

  • Single Channels to Choose From

There are single channels for the viewers to choose from. This means you can add or remove the channels you want to watch as part of your package. Add any channel you like and it will start functioning there and then. You can add as many channels as you like. Removing the channels you do not like is just as easy. Just select the channels you wish to add to your list and you’d be able to remove them within seconds. Well, that’s what you call convenience, right? Most channels are separate HD variants. Take this for an example: Star Movies and Star Movies HD are both separate channels that you can subscribe to if you want. HD channels are required to watch movies.

  • Movies on Demand

A specialized movies-on-demand service can be checked out by the audience. The Zeeplex channel lets you watch the top Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional channels. There is always a brand-new movie available for all the viewers to watch if they have the Zeeplex channel by their side. Not long ago, ‘Radhe’, a super hit Bollywood movie starring Salman Khan, was available on Zeeplex. The movie could be watched by the entire family on their TV set for just INR 499. Similarly, there are other movies for people to check out. ’14 Phere’, starring Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda, is yet another movie that was available on the Zeeplex channel for the audience to watch and admire.

The Watcho App

The Watcho app is loaded with a wide range of video content, right from web shows to original plays. All those who wish to give Watcho’s original shows and short films a try need to download the app right now. In all fairness, the Watcho app is a powerhouse of original content. No matter how old (or young) you are, you will something to watch on Watcho.

Here is everything you can watch on the Watcho app:

  • Watch Live TV

Viewers can now watch live TV on the Watcho app even if you do not have access to your beloved TV set. All you need is the Watcho app by your side. This app brings you all of the popular Hindi channels (across genres) for the audience to watch and explore. Here’s a good example: if you are a movie goer, then Zee Cinema is there for you to stream on Watcho. Similarly, music lovers can tune into the likes of MTV Beats and 9XM if they wish to listen to some of the top music countdowns. Several regional channels in the Punjabi language are also available for streaming.  So, you can say that this OTT app by Dish TV DTH is a comprehensive entertainment solution.

  • Watch New Web Series

Newer web series are available for the audience to watch. Not just Hindi web series, the viewers and subscribers can also watch Korean Dramas (dubbed in Hindi) on the Watcho app. ‘Emergency Couple’, a popular K-drama, is available for the viewers to stream and watch on Watcho.

Also, there are web series across all major genres and sub-genres for the audience to watch and enjoy. If you are a fan of original Indian web series, then this app by Dish TV is just the perfect pick for you.

  • Watcho Plays are an Added Plus

Watcho plays are available for streaming on the app. Most of the Watcho plays are loaded with social messages. It is something that makes them all the more entertaining and relevant. Watch an engaging set of original plays on the Watcho app, such as ‘Tughlaq’, ‘Spartan Conspiracy’, ‘Panne Ki Angoothi’ and ‘Dhruvaswamini’, on the Watcho app right now.

  • Pay for Dish TV DTH Recharge

Dish TV is one of the top DTH companies in the country. Now, you will be able to pay for your Dish TV DTH recharge by entering your Registered Mobile Number (RMN). Check your pack’s validity and get it recharged there and then if it is about to end. You can pay of your Dish TV DTH recharge using a wide range of payment mediums, including mwallets. Debit and credit cards can also be used to pay

  • New Music Videos on Offer

The Watcho app lets you watch and explore a wide range of music videos. There is this segment, named Underground Music League on the Watcho app. Here, you will find a wide range of music videos in Punjabi and Hindi. This means you will have a bunch of fresh and energetic songs to look forward to.

Dish TV’s Box Service Plans

Your Dish TV set top box is prone to damage. Therefore, you need to take good care of it. Now, you can avail an extended warranty of one year on your Dish TV set top box by paying just INR 120 more. Add your registered mobile number or VC number and you will be able to choose this option.

HD Upgrades

HD TV viewing is the new normal in 2021.You can now change your SD channel pack to a full-fledged HD channels pack at no extra cost for a period of one month with Dish TV DTH. This means you will have this opportunity to watch all of your favourite channels in crystal-clear picture and sound quality. All of this possible if you choose to go for a Dish TV DTH connection.

How to go For a Second Dish TV DTH Connection?

A second Dish TV DTH connection is required if you have a bunch of televisions at home that need to be used. Now, you can use the same dish to connect all of your TV sets. Also, you will be able to watch different programs using the same dish for all your TVs. Please note that a fee of INR 50 is charged for each of the TV sets that you want to connect. If you are fond of HD TV viewing, then you should definitely go for this DTH connection. Moreover, you can connect as many as three (3) TVs per house with the same dish antenna.

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