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Dish TV is One of the Top Entertainment Destinations for All

Dish TV is known for its focus on customer satisfaction and quality. If you are fond of TV entertainment and wish to watch the best TV channels on your TV set, then do not forget to check out the top TV channels in full HD picture quality (along with surround sound) to enjoy a cinema-like experience. Dish TV is every Indian TV viewer’s favourite DTH service because it has something of interest for just about everybody.

Take this for an example: go for Dish TV if you love watching Bollywood movies because Dish TV has some of the best movie channel packs for the viewers to check out. There is always an HD channel running a bunch of exciting movies and TV shows for viewers across all age groups. So, it does not matter how old you are, Dish TV DTH will have exciting content for you to explore alongside you family.

Dish TV’s set top boxes are the best-in-class and offer people a wide range of entertainment alternatives. Do check out all of the plans offered by Dish TV DTH if you are looking to spend a major chunk of your day at home.  There are various exciting and affordable Dish TV set top boxes that people can choose from.

Here, take a look:

  • Dish SMRT Hub

Dish TV SMRT  is a full-fledged entertainment solution that you need to buy if you are willing to enjoy a memorable TV viewing experience at home. Go for it right away if you are willing to do more with your TV than just the regular. So, you will get a bunch of exciting features with Dish SMRT Hub. To begin with, you get access to vast streams of online content. The likes of Watcho, Hotstar, Zee5 and Sony LIV are available for access. Please note that you will have to pay for each of the online OTT platforms separately.

Other video platforms, such as Vimeo and YouTube are also available for viewing and streaming. What you need is a bunch of reliable OTT platforms to keep yourself entertained. Plus, the screen is customisable. This means you can add your favourite apps on the home screen. Moreover, search your favourite apps and games using Google Assistant (voice search). All of this is made available to you at just INR 2499.

  • Dish NXT and Dish NXT HD

Enjoy endless entertainment on your TV in full HD with DishNXT . It provides the viewers with a TV-watching experience that’s out of this world. Enjoy all of your favourite TV shows and movies in HD surround sound. Also, the picture quality is full HD. This means you can now enjoy crystal-clear picture quality as you watch your favourite pieces of video content over the weekend with your family and friends.

Dish TV DTH is a great addition to your home if you are planning to stay entertained for a considerable amount of time. DishNXT HD lets you add/remove channels as per your convenience.

  • Dish SMRT Stick

Dish SMRT stick is packed with several interesting features and add-ons. All those looking for a bunch of exciting entertainment alternatives can check this multimedia service out.  There is always a set of fresh and interesting shows for you to watch with Dish SMRT Stick. Explore a wide set of OTT apps, such as Watcho, Zee 5, Disney+Hotstar and Voot Select on your TV without any hassle.

Also, there is a feature to record all of your favourite shows and movies with Dish TV DTH. This means you can watch all the top shows and movies on your TV sets even if you’re busy during the day. Record your favourite shows and movies whenever you feel like with Dish TV DTH’s recording service.

  • Dish SMRT Kit

Dish SMRT Kit is a multimedia dongle that brings you endless TV and online entertainment on your finger tips. Connect it to your TV sets and you will be able to check out all of your favourite OTT apps. This service let’s you stream all of your favourite shows through voice support. This means you can navigate and explore all of your favourite web shows even if you do not have a remote at your disposal. This is where Alexa support comes in handy.

Major Services Offered by Dish TV DTH

  • Recording Services are Available

As stated earlier, you can record all of the shows and movies of your choice in a hassle-free way. Press the record button and re-watch your favourite show on TV in full HD whenever you feel like. This means you will not have to miss out on your favourite shows if and when you are busy. This a handy add-on that all Dish TV viewers and subscribers would want to use.

  • Zeeplex

The Zeeplex channel is a must-have for all those who want to enjoy movies-on -demand on their TV sets. All those who want to explore the top Bollywood and International movies on TV without having to spend heavily on buying movie tickets.

Here is how you can book a movie slot for yourself with the Zeeplex channel:

  • Select the movie you wish to watch
  • Choose a time slot of your choice
  • Pay in order to watch the movie using a debit/credit card or mwallets (Gpay, Amazon Pay, etc.)

Also, the movies you select can be watched on multiple devices, including your smartphone and TV set. However, the movie cannot be played simultaneously on various devices.

  • Order Dish TV DTH Online

A brand-new Dish TV DTH connection is available online. Check out the official website of Dish TV DTH and start exploring all of the top offers and packs on offer. Select from a wide range of options and categories. Take this for an example: there is a separate set of options for viewers from South India. Channels in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and various other South Indian languages are available for streaming with Dish TV DTH.

Just log into Dish TV’s official website and explore all of the top the top packs and Dish TV set top boxes. If you  are fond of HD TV viewing, but are too lazy to make your way to the nearby Dish TV DTH outlet, then go online and get your Dish TV DTH plan, along with a brand-new set top box, booked as soon as you possibly can.

Recharge Dish TV DTH Online

Recharging your Dish TV DTH pack online is now easy. Just download the MyDish TV app and you will be able to make all payments within no time. Just make a login into the app using your registered mobile number and you will be able to make all payments with ease.  The user can check out all transaction history and channel guides within seconds. So, it won’t be wrong to say that this app is a self-help app that contains everything that you would need to recharge all your TV subscription with ease. Plus, all of the transaction history is available for the subscribers to witness and revisit. Simply put, it is all transparent.

Customer Support For All

Customer support is available to all the subscribers and Dish TV users.  Dish TV’s customer care centres are available throughout the country. Just ring any of the Dish TV DTH executives on 95017 – 95017 and they will help you out with just about anything related to your Dish TV DTH connection. Also, users can check out channel no. 999 in case they have any queries regarding Dish TV’s customer care programming service.

Channel Guide

A channel guide containing all of the channel numbers (along with the corresponding genres) are available for the viewers to check out. Here, all channels are divided by languages. Take this for an example: there would be separate list for you to look forward to if you are choosing to go for Bangla channels. Similarly, there is a separate list that contains the names and channel numbers of channels within the general entertainment genre. 

How to Pay of Your Dish TV DTH Recharge?

You can now pay for your Dish TV DTH recharge by choosing the Watcho app as well. The Watcho app is nothing but a subsidiary of Dish TV DTH. This means you can pay for your Dish TV DTH recharge by entering your registered mobile number into the app. Choose from a wide range of payment alternatives, such as mwallets and debit/credit card. So, it won’t be wrong to say that there is no dearth of choices for you if you choose to go for a Dish TV DTH connection.

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