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Cooking Shows & TV Series to Watch & Learn the Best of Home Cooking

Mastering a new skill often takes time, energy, patience, and practice. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn a skill. However, a good and experienced teacher can teach a student any skill. If you are someone who never cooked in their lives and intimated by the entire experience of cooking, then you are in for an exciting journey. Cooking shows and TV web series are becoming widely popular among amateur cooks to learn cooking. If you are new in the world of cooking and looking to learn the basics of cooking without too much hard work, check out these shows:

Shipra Khanna- Masterchef Lessons

Is there any better way to learn cooking than learning from the Masterchefs? Watch Look I can Cook series with Masterchef contestant Shipra Khanna on the Watcho app. Once you register and subscribe to this app, you can stream any shows and enjoy it on your smart devices.nIt has released one season with over 15 episodes. Check recipes like chicken coconut curry, mushroom cheese toast, lemon rice, and many more.

Ina Garten- Homestyle Cooking

This is hosted by the amazing chef Ina Garten. Her recipes are delicious, moreish, and hearty. She also gives amazing tips for entertaining your guests. If you are planning a holiday dinner, check out these recipes baked pasta with eggplant, and tomatoes, chicken thighs in creamy mustard sauce, Moroccan lamb tajine, perfect roast chicken, bourbon honey cake, pumpkin spice cupcakes with maple frosting, vanilla rum panna cotta with salted caramel, cranberry and apple cake.

Nigella Lawson- Homecooking & Comfort Food

Every cook loves the homestyle cooking of Nigella Lawson. She hosts multiple cooking shows ranging from Simply Nigella, Nigella Express, and many more. Learn easy to make recipes from spaghetti to tiramisu with Nigella.

Asian Cooking- Kylie Kwong

Join the Maestro of Asian cooking Kylie Kwong on a journey to China. Follow her along as she ventures into the quaintest little villages cooking authentic and traditional Chinese food. This travelogue takes you across Taishan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, and many more cities in China. Check her assemble a simple bowl of noodles with local ingredients. This show generally features on Fox TV.

Italian Cooking Jamie Oliver 

Jamie Oliver is an amazing chef who cooks delicious and comforting food. Jamie has Italian roots and has many Italian restaurants all around the world. His shows have some delicious barbeque recipes, roast potatoes, pasta dishes, pizza recipes, and much more. Looking for the perfect roast turkey recipe? Check out his roast turkey recipe. Recently he hosted a show where he cooks Italian recipes with his mentor Genero Contaldo. He travels across Italy to explore the regional Italian recipes and learn from the regional chefs.

These cooking shows will equip you with the necessary cooking skills to prepare delicious meals in no time.

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