6 Reasons Why an Online Cooking Shows Will Always Have Audience’s Attention

It’s a regular with most TV channels and online streaming apps to have their own cooking shows online and offline and the audiences seem to enjoy watching these for hours. There’s something enigmatic about these cooking shows that watching them leaves a person relaxed, stress free, and therapeutically lighter.

Given the fact that cooking indeed is a stress buster, it goes without saying that audiences are always hooked and booked to the cooking shows. Ditching the best Indian web series or even best short films; the viewers prefer to watch reality cooking shows and online cooking videos to satisfy their hunger for food and everything related to food.

Here are reasons why cooking shows are insanely popular instead of the best Indian web series and why audiences love watching cooking shows and cooking videos:

  1. Indians are Food Obsessed

Indians and their love for cooking and food goes without saying. India is a diverse country separated by geographical boundaries but united by gastronomy. Each region, state, and city of India have their own culinary stories, culture, different recipes, ingredients, and the history behind the recipes. Each family has their own secret recipes and ingredients which makes their love for food only grow fonder and bigger. Needless to say, with a country so obsessed with food and stuff, watching cooking shows is a family bonding activity to indulge in.

  1. Cooking Shows are Dramatic

While there’s no literal drama as such in the realm of cooking shows if compared to the best Indian web series and best short films, that sheer sense of excitement and drama of how a recipe unfolds into is worth watching. Starting a recipe from the scratch, the warmth of raw ingredients and the story and certain role of each one into the final dish and the entire process of cooking a certain recipe is extremely dramatic to watch for the cooking enthusiasts.

  1. Watching Cooking Shows Relieves Stress

Whether it’s about watching cooking shows or actually cooking the recipes, the entire process involving food, recipes, and ingredients is stress relieving. Cooking releases some hormones which are believed to elevate the levels of happiness and suppress the stress causing hormones. While one cooks or watches cooking shows, he is virtually transported to another world that is extremely satiating. Shrinks across the globe have been prescribing cooking as a major stress relieving activity.

  1. Cooking Shows are Liberating

Watching cooking shows and not the best Indian web series is something that instils the viewers with a sense of freedom and control. Having to start cooking a recipe involves some kind of creativity and making that recipe your own. That sense of ownership culminates into having complete control over the process. It liberates a person and makes him feel free and totally in control over the situation or life. Touching that, watching cooking shows and then replicating those recipes with a tinge of creativity in your own kitchen is experimental, liberating and fulfilling.

  1. Short Cooking Videos are Interesting

Though Indians have always been very keen and crazy about watching cooking TV shows on national television that used to be long, about 30 minutes to 1 hour, most digital platforms like Watcho App has cooking show online like ‘Look I Can Cook With Master Chef Shipra Khanna’ wherein she demonstrates short cooking videos to keep the content crisp and engaging. Watching fast-paced and crisp cooking videos are fun and you can always refer back to them in case you missed an important detail.

  1. Online Cooking Shows are Solution-oriented

If you missed watching an important detail or a segment while watching a recipe video, you can always go back and refer to that. You don’t need to take notes or write down important details as everything is there on the screen that you can tale a screenshot of. One can also play and pause the video in real time while cooking the recipe in your kitchen which is more of a solution-centred approach when it comes to watching cooking shows.

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