Carpooling Benefits for Employees to Maximize Their Commute Experience

The average time an Indian spends commuting to work everyday takes up most of their waking hours, besides working in office. It has defiantly become the need of the hour to look for alternative travelling options like carpooling at work from commercial office space for rent in Gurgaon or Noida.

Carpooling, also called ridesharing, has more benefits than you think. Not just it helps cut down your travelling cost substantially but is also environmentally friendly. Here are some of the amazing benefits of carpooling that makes it essential for everyone to leave single vehicles behind and opt for ridesharing instead:

Reduction in Travel Time

One of the most important reasons to encourage your employees to opt for carpooling is that it reduces travel time considerably. Let’s suppose around 70-80 employees of a company are travelling to work every day from nearby home locations and if all of them are put together in a single bus, there would be significant reduction in travel time as the roads will be much lesser crowded.

Moreover, some of the urban cities also have a dedicated carpooling lane that allows for better and faster movement for carpooling vehicles. If the travel time is potentially reduced by half, the employees can feel much happier and relaxed at work and otherwise without having stressed much. Take for instance, office on lease in New Town Kolkata inside Candor TechSpace that has dedicated access and facilities for carpooling.

Proves to be Cost-Efficient

This is no brainer to crack that when all employees group together to travel on a carpooling mechanism, there is a considerable cut in the expenses that are incurred by single drivers. There are lesser vehicles being driven on the road which translates in to less depreciation and hence reduced need of servicing, also, this results in great fuel economy as not just the money spent on fuel by many driving on the same route is saved but also leads to saving fuel for future use.

Reduces Stress

Ask anyone who drives on the busy lanes everyday and their stress levels are at an all-time high. Not just that makes some drivers impulsive and indulge in road rage, minor accidents, and more but are also at greater risk of having high blood pressure and other stress-induced ailments later in life. Also, arriving at work after being in a ruthless argument over road just spoils the day at work too and hampers productivity.

Most commercial office spaces for rent in Gurgaon owned by Candor TechSpace allows better provisioning of carpool facility as they value their building inmates and understand how important it is to drive safely and stress free.

Amplifies Employee Bonding

Most carpool groups spend about 30-90 minutes everyday while arriving at work one side which counts up to roughly 5-6 hours a week. Spending the significant amount of time together everyday while travelling, it increases employee bonding and allows for better networking between diverse talents.

While on the surface it may not seem very important, but the more a person socializes and communicates, lesser are his stress chances. The employee arrives happier and motivated at work and that also affects his productivity directly.

Allows Multitasking

While the driver is busy driving, the members sitting inside have a lot of free time at their hands everyday that they can utilise for many activities as reading, catching up on emails, getting prepped for an important meeting for the day, and more. This sets the mood straight for the day and employees feel all warmed up and read for the meetings and conference calls.

The above carpooling benefits clearly emphasize the incessant need all organizations shall adopt carpooling. Leading commercial space solutions provider as Candor TechSpace having multiple commercial office spaces for rent in Gurgaon, Noida, and Kolkata recognize that and has even collaborated with ‘Quick Ride’ to allow for better movement of their inmates and contribute to environment and society at large.

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