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Can surgical masks help you and others from getting sick?

With Covid-19 creating havoc with the world health and the economy, people are sitting up and taking notice that how masks are important. Since, N95 masks are a bit expensive, people are now toying with the idea about how surgical masks can be used and ensured protection. Have you seen that surgical masks are a great way to ward off viruses? It’s WHO and the pandemic that has enlightened us about the various benefits of using a surgical mask. So, let’s find out how the surgical masks can be used in the flu season to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick.

The flu season

The season where everyone is down with mild fever or a light cough is the flu season. It is actually when the weather is giving you the blues and you just feel lethargic and sluggish. On top of all that the viruses in the air are active due to the dampness and the moist, cold air all around.

Wearing a mask

The viruses can enter your body through the eyes, mouth and the nose. These are the three susceptible areas for the viruses to enter your body. That’s the reason why doctors advise you not to touch your face without washing your hands. It’s not about the pimple, but it’s about the virus and you falling sick. But what to do when you are near to someone who has the flu? Well, that’s the point when you should consider wearing a mask and protecting yourself from being the next victim of the virus.

How the surgical masks protect you?

Let’s be honest, not all masks are there to protect you from viruses, but wearing surgical masks do help quite a bit. For example, if you are wearing a surgical mask, then the droplets coming out when you sneeze or cough doesn’t reach the other person sitting next to you, thereby protecting someone near you. Similarly, if the person sitting next to you has a surgical mask on his/her face, then you are protected from the virus. The cough droplets cannot escape the surgical mask of the wearer, thereby offering protection to you from the virus.

Can you dispose of a surgical mask?

You should never wash a surgical mask and spoil the material of the mask. Then, the surgical mask is of no use and it’s more like a cloth mask. You can use the same surgical mask for up-to six times over a period of time. However, if you think that the colour has faded or the mask looks dirty, then consider getting a new one and get the mask replaced.

So, if the flu season is really bugging you and you need a mask that will protect you and your family from getting sick, then the surgical mask is a great option considering the fact that everyone wears it, without fail.

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