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9 Best Indian Web Series on Watcho For a Binge-Worthy Weekend

Everyone needs a break from the monotony and hectic schedule of everyday life. No matter how busy you are, slow down to enjoy the simple things in life like a cup of tea while watching some web series.

If you would like to watch the best Indian web series, download the Watcho app. Once you downloaded the app, browse different genres like thriller, horror, drama, and romance. You can binge-watch the latest comedy web series and live TV channels on the Watcho app. Here are the best web series to watch on the Watcho app for a binge-worthy weekend:

Yeh Yaariyan – comedy web series

As the reality of life sinks in for three married friends, they find ways to keep things fun and exciting. Watch three married friends find exciting ways to introduce some fun and laughter in their lives.

Sarhad – thriller web series

Watch the thrilling story of Junaid on the Watcho Spotlight, which showcases a militant get involved in investigating a terrorist. This terrorist had orchestrated various attacks on national and international levels.

Jaalsaazi – Hindi web series

This web series is directed by Mani Sinha, narrates the story of Rhino poachers. As police are trying to intervene in this illegal trade of Rhinos poaching for their horn in Assam and other parts of India.

Titli – thriller web series

A small-town girl with big dreams goes to a city and opens up a dance school. However, her dreams don’t take shape immediately which causes her to be discouraged.

Befaltu – adult comedy web series

Watch this comedy web series on Watcho Spotlight, that showcases the story of a group of people who get stuck in a bungalow. The people had STDs which sparks hilarious conversations.

Masala Family – comedy web series

Tune into this show on Watcho Spotlight to unravel the story of a family who goes on a fake vacation. When they plan to return to their house, they are surprised to find burglars trying to break in their house.

Jail Plan – thriller web series

Watch how two women plan to escape a women’s correctional jail in India. This jail has better facilities as compared to traditional jails and focuses on behavioural correction of the inmates. Watch how these two women make their way to freedom by breaking free from this jail.

Love Crisis – romance web series

When the relationship between Nina and Armaan goes through troubled waters, Nimisha tries to break them. Nina gets upset and decides to take revenge on Armaan for breaking her trust.

Mystery Dad – thriller web series

A woman finds herself pregnant after attending a drunken party. When she cannot remember the father of the unborn child, she goes to find the mystery dad. To resolve this mystery, her sister accompanies her to identify the mystery dad.

For the best Hindi web series and Kannada web series, download the Watcho app on your smartphone. Enjoy light entertainment this weekend by watching these shows on your smart device.

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