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10 Best Indian Web Series to Tune in on Watcho App this Festive Season

If you are spending the festive season by yourself, you might be looking for some good shows to keep you entertained. Look no further for the best original entertainment apart from Watcho!

Download the Watcho app on your smartphone to watch shows across these genres: thriller, horror, drama, and romance. Watch the latest comedy web series and Kannada series on the Watcho app. Check out these trending web series to check out on Watcho this festive season:

Yeh Yaariyan

Watch the saga of how three married friends get bored of the everyday grind of life. They find unique ways to add excitement and fun to revive their lives and infuse some fun into day-to-day life.


Watch the story of Junaid on the Watcho app. Discover how a militant gets involved in investigating a terrorist involved in terror attacks on a domestic and international level.


Directed by Mani Sinha, this web series showcases the unfortunate fate of rhinos as the poachers kill them for their horns. An agency is appointed to track and capture the poachers to stop this illegal trade of Rhino horns.


When a small-town girl with big dreams moves to the city, she gets overwhelmed with the challenges that she faces. She starts a dance school and goes through many situations to achieve her goals.


This comedy web series showcases the story where a group of people affected with STDs gets stuck indoors in a bungalow. They find a way to keep themselves entertained by having witty conversations with one another.

Masala Family

Watch this show on the Watcho app that narrates an interesting story when a family goes on a vacation. When a family goes on a fake vacation by planning to stay at home quietly, they return home to a surprise awaiting them.

Virgin At 27

Watch the humorous conversations between a man and his wife on their wedding night. You will enjoy the witty punchlines between the couple on their wedding night.

Jail Plan

This jailbreak story is unlike any others, where two women orchestrate their escape from a correctional jail in India. This jail focuses on behavior correction of their inmates.

Love Crisis

When the relationship between Nina and Armaan gets into trouble, Nimisha tries to separate them. This provokes Nina to take revenge on Armaan and Nimisha for breaking her trust. Watch this romantic web series to find out what awaits the relationship between Nina and Armaan.

Mystery Dad

When a woman finds herself pregnant, she cannot recall the father of the child as she was inebriated with alcohol. She goes on a journey to track the man who is the father of the child with her sister. After she gets drunk at a party, she loses the memory and thereby forgets the identity of the mystery dad.

Watch the best Indian web series on the Watcho app this festive season. For an instant Dish TV DTH recharge, you can use the in-app recharge feature on the Watcho app.

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