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8 Must-Haves for Employees in Every Office

Recruiting and recruiting the right talent is indeed integral for any company and with the emergence of diversified skills and professionals, the companies are constantly on their toes focusing on the workplace design and amenities as a solution.

Take, for instance, any office space for rent in Noida and you’ll find all essential physical and service features that employees look for in a workplace before joining. Here are the 8 most preferred things an employee looks for in an ideal workspace:

Ergonomic Desk & Chair

Given the maximum amount of time employees spend at their desks and chairs, this tops the list of priority of physical and service features. While there’s no second thought about the ergonomic quotient and the related comfort and productivity, most companies in special economic zone Noida consider functional desks and chairs as a potent investment that pays in long run.

Fuel Up Options (Tea, Coffee & More)

This is no brainer that an employee needs to fuel himself up with beverages like tea, coffee, soup, and snacks (if available) at the office pantry or a coffee bar. Not just this is a great way to recharge one’s worn-out energies but pantry is also a social spot for the employees to have informal conversations. If you’re looking for an office space for rent in Noida, make sure it has a pantry or a coffee bar all stocked up with the necessary stuff.

Overall Cleanliness

Employees do notice and prefer the amount of overall hygiene and cleanliness a workplace follows. Most leading office space for rent in Noida insist on having regular desk and overall cleaning schedules to maintain a germ and bacteria-free environment for the well-being of its inmates.

Thermal Control

While one of the hardest things to control, this is certainly an important factor an employee looks for in a workplace. While one may be comfortable at 76 degrees others might feel warm; the one solution to make this work is to allow employees to move to any area of the floor where they find a comfortable seating.

Small Meeting Rooms

Employees do need small meeting and conversation rooms for various reasons; from a project briefing to brainstorming and impromptu meetings.        Companies need to be careful to have small and multiple meeting rooms on the floor to facilitate functionality and service. Most companies based out of special economic zone Noida have dedicated, multiple meeting rooms for the said purpose.

Well-designed Restrooms

Functionally-designed restrooms with appropriate privacy goes on to increasing the employee comfort and productivity by manifolds. Having divided toilet booths with requisite, sound-proof barrier is the need of the hour to ensure complete privacy. While this goes without saying that the basic restroom essentials like liquid soaps, toilet roll, paper towels, and hand dryers must e present; additional amenities as mint, mouth wash, toothpicks, and more add a thoughtful touch.

Functional Printing, Copying & Scanning Equipment

Outdated and non-working equipment not just adds to the employee frustration but also wastes precious man hours which makes companies resort to modern and functional printer, scanner, and copier to be put at a common place in the office, easily accessible to all. While the floor size of office space for rent in Noida is more than an average floor, it’s always advised to keep the printing and copier equipment at more than one places to ease employee accessibility.

Natural Lighting & Indoor Plants

Employees today are more concerned about the kind of workplace they spend their maximum day at and look for natural lighting and indoor plants to help them breathe fresh air and be exposed to positivity and ample sunlight.

Workplaces that strive and go an extra mile to get their employees the above discussed physical and service features are more successful at attracting and retaining the best talent. While looking for an office space for rent in Noida, tick mark the above essential features for a hassle-free operation every day.

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