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10 Scenic Tourist Spots to Visit in Lonavala in 2021

Nestling in the lap of the Sahyadri mountains, Lonavala is a picturesque hill station near Mumbai that has been enticing nature lovers since long. If you want to nestle in the lap of nature and lush greenery, just pack your bags and head on to explore this mesmerizing hideaway during the monsoons. Its calming aura and serenading beauty will make you escape the bustle of Mumbai city life to this serene oasis of tranquility and peace.

As one of the best romantic destinations for couples, Lonavala has much to offer from breathtaking views to local cuisine and much more. Book the best hotels in Lonavala if you wish to embark on a romantic holiday in the nature’s womb. While souring online for best hotel deals, you would come across many cheap hotels in Lonavala for a romantic yet affordable weekend getaway.

Dams and lakes happen to be the major tourist attractions in Lonavala that serenades travelers from all parts of the country. Soak in the serenity and tranquility of the lakes surrounded by lush greenery while holding your beloved’s hands. Capture some beautiful photos of nature for your Instagram, sunset, and landscape with your DSLR. Book hotels in Lonavala that offers sightseeing tours to nearby spots.

These tourist attractions are great to enjoy a picnic by the lake, watersports, or hiking around the scenic mountain trails.

If you are in Mumbai or Pune and planning a weekend getaway in Lonavala, check out the best places to explore:

Bushi Dam

Bhushi Dam is a beautiful tourist spot build on the Indrayani River. You’d love to enjoy walking around this scenic spot during the monsoon while connecting with your inner self. Bask in the lush greenery while exploring the rugged terrains or sit quietly by the lakeside while watching the sun go down. Lonavala makes for a great weekend getaway from Mumbai to visit you’re your family or spouse while booking rooms in Lonavala ahead of time to explore the its mesmerizing beauty.

Things to do near Bhushi Dam: Enjoy hot tea and pakodas from local stalls.

Ideal for: Nature seekers and photographers

Tungarli Lake

Nature lovers and photographers make it a point to head to Tungarli Lake during monsoons as it gets breathtaking during and after rains. Envision enjoying a picnic by the lakeside with your family to escape the monotonous and busy schedules of city life. When the lake is brimming with water, it looks exceptionally romantic and serene. Tungarli lake attracts nature lovers, trekkers, adventure seekers, and backpackers from all around the country to immerse in its lusg greenery and tranquil beauty. A pro tip here is to stay at budget hotels in Lonavala to explore this place on a shoe-string budget.

Ideal for: Family and couples

Tiger Cliff

Resembling a tiger jumping off a cliff, the Tiger Cliff is a popular tourist spot in Lonavala that draws visitors from every nook and corner looking for something distinct to explore. This cliff got its name due to the resemblance of its shape with a tiger leaping off a valley. The lush green surroundings, valleys, majestic sunrise, and cool breeze make Tiger’s Leap makes it a memorable place to visit in Lonavala during the rainy season. Hike to the top of the cliff to witness the breathtaking views and sceneries. If you’re waiting to break from the clutter of urban life and head to a quiet place for some quality time with your bae, book hotels in Lonavala for couples and get a step closer to enjoying this untouched beauty of a place.

Ideal for: Nature seekers and photographers

Tip: Wear trekking shoes

Lion’s Point

Lion’s Point, yet another popular tourist attraction in Lonavala, is perched on a cliff, which offers spectacular sunset views. Lion’s Point is a must-visit place for everyone wanting to soak up some beauty and greenery on a holiday in Lonavala. Much loved by adventure lovers and trekkers, Lion’s Point has several hiking and trekking trails to scratch your adventurous itch. You can choose to do Lonavala hotel booking online as the popular touristy places can get really crowded ahead of peak season.

Things to do near Lion’s Point: You can enjoy a camel ride

Ideal for: Nature lover, mountaineer, and photographer

Rajmachi Fort

As a popular tourist spot near Lonavala, Rajmachi Fort offers beautiful scenery and landscape that would steal any history and culture lover’s heart and attention. The rustic surrounding looks even greener and luxuriant during monsoon when the rain wipes off the thick mask. Don’t forget to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Western Ghats and Shirota Dam when you head for a holiday in Lonavala.

You can choose to take your bike till the top of the fort while hikers and trekkers can enjoy scenic trails around the Rajmachi Fort.

Ideal for: Hikers, photographers, and nature seekers

Bhaja Caves

Being one of the oldest and most enigmatic caves in India, Bhaja Caves has bagged the title of an immensely popular tourist spot near Lonavala. The history of these caves dates back to 160 BC which makes it a perfect spot to visit for all history lovers. Stroll around the caves to spot a pristine waterfall or just simply gaze at its breathtaking beauty; words are inadequate to describe its picturesque appeal.

Location: Bhaje Caves Road, Near Bhaja Village Maval District, Lonavla, 412106

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