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7 Expert Tips to Achieve a Smooth Work-Life Balance While WFH

More than ever before, more and more companies are increasingly encouraging their employees to continue working from home amidst covid-19 pandemic. To remain safe and unaffected by the virus, employees are also increasingly staying at home and struggling to find their calm.

Achieving a smooth work-life balance gets all the more crucial at this sensitive stage when anxieties and fears are at an all time high. Inarguably, working from home has its own benefits but working remotely for longer durations can also blue the lines between personal and professional life. One of the most potent issues faced by most employees working at offices for rent in Gurgaon or offices for rent in Noida or elsewhere is to find a perfect work-life balance.

Here are 7 expert tips on establishing a perfect work-life balance while working from home:

  1. Structure a Work Schedule

To maximize your productivity while working remotely and also making sure to make a cohesive use of the day, always structure a set schedule and try every means to stick to it. Life is much easier and more sorted when you always know what to do next and when. This will also send a signal to your family and friends that you’re on a schedule and they will respect it too.

  1. Keep a To-do List Handy

Creating a specific structure for the day always helps and this can only be achieved by making a to-do list. To-do lists make sure that you remain productive enough for the day and always accomplish what needs to be done in the day. When you finish a task and strike it off the to-do list, it feels really satisfying and you end up feeling energetic. This goes a long way in keeping your productivity levels in check and progress.

  1. Get on the Ground

Make sure you don’t start off your laptop right after waking up. Give yourself some time before getting down and dirty on the ground. Wake up, do some exercise, yoga mediate, take a shower, and grab a bite too. This will make sure all of your morning routine is ticked off the list before getting down to work.

  1. Draw Up Boundaries

Whether you’re living in a joint family, with parents, or with a roommate; it’s essential to take up your space when you need time. It’s good to make them aware of your upcoming schedule so that there are clear boundaries. This will go a long way in cutting down any distractions and remaining focussed at work. Communicating is very important to keep all distractions at bay and be mindful of each other’s business so as to not step on that.

  1. Designate a Work Space

A dedicated workspace within your home helps you create a consistent routine while working from home. You and everyone else around in the house will know that it’s your place to sit and work when you need to clock in. This also helps keep distractions at bay and gives you a similar feeling of being in office.

  1. Take Relaxing Breaks

It’s nearly impossible for anyone to sit across a computer screen for a long 9 hour stretch which is why it gets all the more crucial to keep taking breaks in between. While you were at work inside office for rent in Noida or Gurgaon, you might be used to getting up to get your water refill or coffee or to just taking a stroll. You have to maintain the similar tempo at home as well and keep taking breaks to rest your eyes and mind off screen.

  1. Mark the Day’s End Everyday

Everyday, think of a bonding activity with family or friends at the end of the workday to clearly mark the day’s end. You can either treat yourself to some snack or a dessert on accomplishing the scheduled tasks for the day or simply catch up on a movie to unwind yourself. Make sure you distance yourself away from work phone and emails to make this an effective strategy.

We hope these simple yet supremely effective tips on achieving an amazing work-life balance will benefit you immensely while working remotely and stay productive every day.

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