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5 Creative Ways Workplaces Can Support Women Better

When spoken to women about the benefits they would consider in order to call it a women-friendly workplace, they went on and listed some features like flexible work schedule, paid maternity leave, childcare services at workplace, period leave, and more.

However, when the same was asked to companies, much like the leading offices based out of special economic zone Noida, about their contribution in making the workplace more friendly for women, the leaders came up with some more novel features. These are the creative ways a workplace can be tagged as women friendly and in its true sense. Let’s look at these pointers:

1.Help Women Plan Family
While most companies, however advanced they might be, advocate that they support women, the bitter and harsh truth is that they actually don’t. the hypocrisy is that company leaders still perceive single women as potential hard workers as they don’t have additional family responsibilities. While it may seem tempting initially, there may come a time when they might spend so long on the work that they won’t be able to achieve motherhood.

Today’s women like to have egg freezing or IVF process as a benefit so that they don’t feel pressured to marry and have kids early in their lives while putting their career at stake. Leading office spaces for rent in Noida are equipped with child day care centres to let women have peace while working.

2.Putting Women on the Top as Leaders
This is yet another way most women want to succeed at the workplace and want to have senior’s support in it. Most women often complain that while on their way top, they’ve to exceptionally justify this to the seniors. It gets all the more difficult because most female employees don’t have a rapport with the top management.

All women would want to achieve in a gender-neutral workplace is a sexist-free attitude of the top players and helping women achieve their goals at work.

3.Build HR Policies Centred Around Women
While building and crafting the core HR policies for an organization, it is recommended for small setups to always consider HR consultants, especially females. It’s always wise to have someone else to look at those policies from a neutral perspective and also fine tune them to make them more beneficial for women.

Usually, male HR professionals are unaware of the topics that concern women and may forget to include them in the policies. Investing in an outside party to do that job will ensure that all aspects related to women empowerment at work are take care of.

4.Offer Benefits/Plans That Support Motherhood
Most women are scared to embrace motherhood because they feel that it won’t align with their career path and they’re right in thinking this way. Majority of the companies just stop at providing a paid maternity leave after the baby is born while completely forgetting the time when the female employee is pregnant and requires a break to have a healthy pregnancy.
She should be allowed to have flexible work schedules, calls instead of meetings, and better insurance benefits for maternity, pre-maternity and post-delivery claims. The policies and benefits should centre at making women more comfortable about having a baby.

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