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4 Top Thriller Web Series to Watch in 2021

Thriller web series have numerous takers in 2021. Newer crime thrillers are being churned out to woo the also, the idea is to offer something unique and engaging. Gone are the days when movies with elaborate song and dance sequences used to rule the roost. Today, viewers want a solid story to keep themselves hooked.

2021 has witnessed the release of several big banner thriller web series. If you are a fan of high-quality thrills and spills, then go for the various OTT apps that are available.

Here are some of the best thriller web series of 2021:

The Hunt:

The Hunt is one of the most loved shows on the Hotstar app. It stars Rannvijay Singh and Prasanth Narayanan in the lead roles. The show is yet another Quix special that is available on the platform. It features Rannvijay Singh as an army officers who goes after a notorious criminal after his loved ones get targeted. The show is a must watch for those who want to enjoy something high on action and drama. Watch this thriller web show right here and right now.

The Tattoo Murders

‘The Tattoo Murders’ is set in Kamathipura, a Mumbai slum that’s infamous for its long-standing association with prostitutes. A female cop gets on with an investigation after several prostitutes in Kamathipura begin disappearing. Many of them are found murdered under mysterious circumstances. Watch is thriller web series on Hotstar that stars Meera Chopra as a stout and sturdy cop who will do whatever she can in order to bring the bad guys to justice. Check out this web series without fail as it is too good to miss. Watch all 7 episodes of this thriller web series

Murder Meri Jaan

‘Murder Meri Jaan’ stars Tanuj Virwani and Barkha Singh in the lead roles. One is a no-nonsense cop whilst the other is a bubbly young woman who doubles up as a con artist. They join forces to solve a high-,profile disappearance/murder. Each of the episodes won’t even cross the 15 minute mark. This means you can watch this web show in no time whatsoever. Murder Meri Jaan is a popular show that would appeal to all those who wish to check out something fun and fresh. The show is a treat to watch for those who wish to explore something engaging and to the point. As of now, there are 16 episodes of this popular show.


Sarhad’ is a popular show on the Watcho app for those who wish to watch something high on action. It is one of the most bingeworthy web series you will ever get to watch. A terrorist gets caught near the Line of Control (LOC). However, it is later found out that he got caught deliberately. The rest of the show deals with the adventures and misadventures of our leading man. Download the app and tune into the web series right now. The show is a must watch if you want to check out something exceptionally gripping and intense. The show is a popular pick for many who visit the Watcho app regularly.

Other thriller web shows include Mukesh Jasoos, Six and Bhram. Watch all of these on Dish TV DTH and enjoy a great time with family and friends. Watch the best Indian content on

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