3 Indian Web Series You Should Definitely Watch

A number of Indian web series have taken the world of internet by storm.  Of late, a lot of big names from the world of entertainment are venturing into the world of web shows and web films.  The rising number of OTT platforms needs to be thanked for that. Today, we have 10 different OTT platforms to choose from. So, there is certainly not a dearth of options and we can choose whatever we want.

Also, Indian web series are being created in large numbers by producers and directors all ovethe moment you r the country. Also, filmmakers creating content in regional languages have been immensely benefitted from the arrival of OTT platforms. Stream through any of the video streaming apps (such as Watcho and Hotstar) and you will find a wide range of Tamil shows the moment you log into the app.

Anyway, here are a few Indian web series you need to try out:

Poison: Poison is a story of betrayal and revenge wherein an innocent is framed for a heinous crime. Consequently, our protagonist ventures out of his comfort zone in order to get his name cleared. The show has some breathtaking moments and action sequences. The show will take you into the depths of darkness, wherein you will get to see the evil side of mankind. Do try this show out if you love watching something suspenseful, dark and somewhat creepy.  The show is available on Zee 5.

Bose: Dead or Alive: Bose: Dead or Alive takes you back in time and provides you with some valuable insights into the life of Subhash Chandra Bose, one of India’s most popular and most controversial leaders. The series has been presented in the form of episodes. Each of the episodes will keep you hooked and guessing right from the start. Rajkummar Rao’s stellar act as the titular character is one of the show’s major highlights.  Watch it if you love to dive deeper and deeper into the depths of history. The show is available on Alt Balaji.


Ardhsatya narrates the story of two sisters who get to meet each other after a gap of 17 years. Their meeting is followed by a number of strange happenings in and around the house. Soon enough, both of the sisters discover that they have a number of supernatural powers at their disposal, a revelation that ends up complicating matters even further. Watch it on the Watcho app if you have a taste for shows dealing with the supernatural. Ardhsatya should definitely be there on your list if you are tired of watching  mindless horror shows that look like nothing more than cheap gimmicks.

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