Why More & More People are Shifting to a Plant-based Diet?

Lifestyle related diseases are on an all-time rise since the past few decades. A vast majority of our population is suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other ailments. The primary cause is an unhealthy diet and bad eating habits. A multitude of people is suffering from cardiovascular ailments due to consumption of an animal-fat/protein rich diet. Owing to their busy and fast lifestyle, people are getting inclined towards fast and processed food. World Health Organization has declared that processed meat like bacon, salami, chorizo, etc. as carcinogenic. Excessive consumption of animal protein and fat causes inflammation and high cholesterol levels causing blockages in arteries and other heart diseases.

Best Quality Basmati Rice

A plant-based diet is best for optimum health and nutrition. Doctors and nutritionists are recommending eating a plant-based diet to reverse Type II diabetes, chronic obesity, asthma, and heart disease. While it can be challenging for first timers to shift to a completely plant-based diet, it is easier with the help of nutritionists. Majority of people feel discouraged to eat a vegan diet because of myths like-

  • Eating plant-based lacks food options
  • Plant-based food lacks taste & texture
  • Plant-based food won’t provide complete nutrition
  • Plant-based food doesn’t provide enough protein or calcium

We will show you how you can transition into a plant-based diet and some interesting recipes to get you started with it. Start with a plant-based balanced diet which includes a good portion of

  • Carbohydrates from wholesome food grains like brown rice, quinoa, millets, oats
  • Protein from legumes, lentils, beans, soybean, etc.
  • Calcium from plant-based milk like soymilk, almond milk, vegan cheese and tofu
  • Vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Essential minerals and fatty acids from nuts and seeds

Now you can easily create plant-based substitutes of classic non-vegetarian dishes with tofu, chickpea, jackfruit, lentils, seitan, and tempeh. Some classic dishes that you can create with these ingredients are scrambled tofu on toasts, mashed chickpea salad, pulled jackfruit taco, etc. Here is a recipe inspiration to get you started eating a healthy and nutrition rich plant-based diet.

  • Rice with Roasted Veggies:

Start with steaming 1 cup of best quality basmati rice. Basmati rice is naturally aromatic, with a distinct taste and flavor. Add two cardamom pods in water to add a gentle flavoring. Coat some kale leaves with olive oil, salt, and pepper and set aside. In a big roasting tray, drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle 1 tsp of allspice mix. Place some butternut squash, zucchini, garlic, slices of red onion, a sprig of thyme and rosemary on the roasting tray. Roast the vegetables for 40 mins. For the dressing just add 1 tablespoon of tahini, lime juice, pepper, pink salt and give it a good shake. Place a good dollop of homemade hummus in the middle of the bowl. Place some brown rice on one side, a handful of kale leaves, an assortment of roasted vegetables, a bunch of microgreens and drizzle over the tahini dressing.

These reasons should give you enough reasons to shift your diet to a more plant-based one.

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