Why is the iPhone so popular in India despite the higher price tag?

Apple’s smartphone continues to enjoy high popularity in the Indian market.

Whenever someone says, “premium smartphone brand” Apple is the first name that pops up in our mind. A company that started off as a computer manufacturer in Cupertino California, USA has taken the world by storm. Today, Apple has made a strong foothold in various segments of the electronic devices market by offering desktops, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, and also manufacturing accessories that support them.

Apple’s popularity around the world has made them the first company in the US to reach the two trillion dollar market worth. Their series of laptops and desktops called Macs, the segment leader in tablet computers the iPad, the pioneering smartwatch called the Apple Watch, and Apple’s ace the iPhone range of smartphones have made them achieve this kind of success. From manufacturing Macintosh computers, to building portable music players aka iPods, the tech company never looked back after the launch of their cellular phones.

We’ve seen a sharp rise in the prices of iPhones over the years. Sure, the newer models are more advanced and keep up with modern technology, the asking rate in recent times have raised a few eyebrows. While all other smartphone manufacturers compare their models with rival companies, Apple does not acknowledge this trend. Latest generation iPhones are compared to previous iterations, for example iPhone A has 20% faster processor than iPhone B, it has 2.5 hours more battery life and so on.

Specifications of iPhones have already been a subject of mystery, Apple never reveals battery capacity or RAM storage options. Yet, it is believed that iPhones having half the RAM and battery capacities are more powerful than smartphones from other brands boasting their specifications. The Cupertino tech giant has got the correct mixture of hardware and software compatibilities to produce top-notch flagship phones.

Apple themselves have begun to up the retail prices for iPhones, coupled with the taxes imposed in the form of custom duty for imported goods have made the smartphone more expensive in India. This brings us to the question we have set out to answer: Why are iPhones so popular in India despite the higher price?

  1. Long-lasting and well-built devices: Over the years iPhones have carried a legacy for being devices that last longer than their rivals. The high-end materials that Apple uses to make their hardware can seldom be matched by other brands. In fact iPhones that are six years old are still compatible with the latest iOS14 operating system.
  2. Fastest Processors: Apple’s homegrown ARM based A series of processors have a seamless integration with its operating system. This combination of hardware and software help iPhones achieve unbelievable multitasking capabilities. The current A13 Bionic Chipset has made a name for itself for being one of the fastest mobile phone processors.
  3. Security and Privacy: iPhones have always maintained top priority for its users in terms of privacy and security. Apple’s cellular devices do not require any third-party antivirus or anti-malware software. Eradicating bugs and harmful security threats are sorted with regular OS updates. One cannot download any application besides from the App Store and app-developers have to undergo strict privacy protocols before getting their applications listed.
  4. User-friendly interface: The iOS operating system may have lesser customization options in the past but that has been addressed in the latest version. Even after the addition of more features, Apple’s operating system is easy to learn and has a simple interface. The newly added ‘App Library’ helps remove clutter from the home screen and arranges all applications into folders according to their respective categories.

With the launch of the Apple India Online Store, the Californian company has shown how important the Indian market is to them. With newer iPhones right around the corner, and more models being assembled in India, Apple expects to expand its market share here. With the unveiling of four new iPhone models this year we are more excited than ever before.

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