What’s True Customer Service in a BPO?

It goes without saying that customer service is defined differently by different people. All of it would depend on a person’s perceptions. There are times when a person believes that good customer servicing revolves around problem solving. Well, problem solving is an important part of the mix if  you are planning to provide your customers and callers with the best (hassle-free) customer experience. However, not everything is dependent upon problem solving. There are far more intricacies to customer service than meet the eye.

A BPO call centre executive is well aware of the challenges that accompany this profession. Providing the customers with the best customer service and experience is a job easier said than done. However, the best customer service can be always be provided to the customer if you take a few important things into consideration.

Here is how you can provide ‘true’ customer experience:

Give Rise to Mutual Understanding

The key is to give rise to a sense of mutual understanding between the caller and the BPO call centre executive if you want to  provide the customer with the best experience. A customer will open up to you if you let him speak free and without any judgements. Ask them about the problems and issues that they might be facing regarding the usage of a product or service. Also, make them realise that you care for them by listening to them in great detail. Ask questions if you wish to seek clarity.

Do Not Bombard the Customer/Caller With Random Opinions

Do not bombard your clients and/or callers with a bunch of random opinions. It is important to understand that the problems faced by each caller are different. Therefore, a BPO call centre executive will have to be very specific while preparing a list of solutions for a caller or customer. If a customer needs to know more about product usage, then you will have to talk of product usage, then you will have to provide him with a set of solutions that help him/her use the product

Make Follow-Up Calls

Follow-up calls are important because not all solutions can be provided in one go. Therefore, it important to get in touch with the customer or caller again if you want to provide him with a rich customer experience by making him see the bigger picture.

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