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What Makes ‘Ekaterina’ a Must-Watch for Everybody?

‘Ekaterina’ is one of the best Russian historical shows available for streaming on the Watcho app. This web series has become a worldwide sensation, all thanks to its impactful storyline, costumes, performances of the star cast, etc. If you are a fan and follower of Russian history, then here is a popular and exciting show that you cannot afford to miss out on. Download Watcho online and get ready to watch this show right now.

You will get to watch as many as 20 episodes as part of the first season of the show. What this means is; you will stay busy over the weekend if you choose to watch this show. Also, it needs to be noted that Marina Aleksandrova, who plays Catherine, The Great, is the star of this period piece.

There are several reasons for you to watch this show. Take a look:

A Deep Dive Into Russian History

Ekaterina’ provides you with a deep dive into the Russian history. The 18th century was a tricky time for the great Russian Empire. The power struggle was at its peak and there were quite a few conspiracies being concocted in order to overthrow the set of incumbent rulers. So, it can be said that nobody could be trusted. ‘Ekaterina’ is the journey of Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst, a young woman who became the eventual ruler of Russia. The golden age of the Russian Empire begins when she becomes the empress. Check out this web series in Hindi online. 

The Show is There to be Streamed in Hindi

This show can be streamed in Hindi. This means you will not be required to read the subtitles when you start watching this show on Watcho. Watch it with your entire family and get ready to explore one of the best international shows on your smartphone this winter. You will get to watch several other interesting and exciting web shows on your smartphones in Hindi on Watcho online. So, check this OTT app right away.

Watch All 20 Episodes in One Go

There are 20 episodes that you will get to stream on your smartphone when you start watching this program. At present, only the first 20 episodes of this show are available for streaming on Watcho. So, this means that the show would keep you busy for quite some time once you start watching it. Watch it over the weekend and you will be able to stay entertained and excited.  This web series in Hindi online is one of the best international (European) shows that you will get to stream on your smartphone.

Loaded With Several Ups and Downs

There are conspiracies, wars, assassination attempts, etc. that keep showing their ugly head the moment you start streaming this show. Also, there are several inner demons that Catherine has to fight in order to keep her power and position intact. She becomes one of the greatest empresses of Russia, but everything in life has a price. Watch this web series in Hindi online and add a pinch of flavour and excitement to your day.

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