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Top Romantic Shows on Watcho to Melt Your Heart

Watcho app is the right OTT platform for all those who wish to watch the best romantic shows on their smartphones. All those who happen to be fans of romantic shows can check out the various original web series available for streaming on the Watcho app. The younger segments within the audience will certainly enjoy watching the various romantic shows available for the viewers to tune into on this OTT powerhouse.

The best part is: most of the romantic shows available on Watcho are family-oriented. This means you can enjoy a great time from the comfort of your home if you have the Watcho app alongside you. Right from original web series to original short films, you will have a lot of stuff to tune into on this OTT app once you start using it.

Here are some of the best Watcho originals available for streaming within the romantic genre:

When I Was The Most Beautiful

‘When I Was the Most Beautiful’ is one of the latest k-dramas available for streaming on the Watcho app. This Korean drama is dubbed in Hindi. Therefore, everybody would be able to watch it and enjoy it. The show is about a young man whose life takes a drastic turn when the girl he loves gets married to his brother. So, our dear protagonist is forced to sweep his feelings under the carpet. This k-drama on Watcho would keep you busy for quite a while because there are more than 30 episodes that the viewers will get to watch when they start watching the first season of ‘When I Was The Most Beautiful’.


Bauchaar-E-Ishq is one of the most loved Watcho shows that a viewer can stream right away if he has a liking for romantic shows dealing with marriage. This 9-part show brings to light an average Indian family’s obsession with getting their kids married. The show is set in Uttar Pradesh. To make matter a bit more interesting than usual, the newly-wedded couple finds a condom atop the wedding bed. Baffled, but not undone, they both decide to launch an investigation into the matter. This Watcho original is a must-watch for all those who have a liking for romantic-drama shows.

Emergency Couple

‘Emergency Couple’ is a 42-episode k-drama that can be streamed on the Watcho app. The show revolves around a young couple. They both decide to part ways after their relationship turns sour. However, they get to meet each other yet again. This time around, they are both interning at an ER facility. Watch this 42-part Korean drama if you want to watch a web series that is incredibly high on romance, drama and comedy.

Naughty Wedding

Naughty Wedding’ presents comedy of errors as Dev, a groom, finds himself in bed with a lovely young woman. He has absolutely no memory of what he was up to the previous night. To make matters worse, his bride-to-be, shows up at his doorstep. How will Dev be able to get himself out of this complicated situation. Watch ‘Naughty Wedding’ right now and keep yourself chuffed for a considerable amount of time. This Watcho original is perfect for family viewing.

The Watcho app is one of the best OTT platforms for all those who have a taste for new and exciting original shows. However, there is a whole lot more that can be watched on the Watcho app, such as live TV channels, short films, news channels, etc. Tune into this OTT app right now and get ready to enjoy the happy holiday whilst keeping yourself busy and excited.

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