Top-Notch ‘Active’ Services for Action Enthusiasts

All the action enthusiasts would be well aware of the fact that Dish TV’s ‘Active’ services are packed with a great deal of excitement and entertainment. All the viewers who wish to enjoy a great time at home from the comfort of their favourite couch would love to use Dish TV’s ‘Active’ services. There are several ‘Active’ services within the entertainment genre that would be loved by the viewers. Get a Dish TV set top box right now if you wish to enjoy the best avenues of entertainment at home this summer.

The best ‘Active’ services can be found by the viewers within the segment dealing with entertainment. Opt for a Dish TV DTH connection right now if you wish to enjoy some of the best pieces of regional and international cinema. Also, action movies can be found in abundance within the entertainment genre.

Here are some of the best ‘Active’ services for action enthusiasts:

Hits Active

The ‘Hits Active’ service has been in great demand for a considerable amount of time. The best South Indian movies (dubbed in Hindi) can be watched with ease if the viewers and subscribers choose to go for this service. Even the international movies can be watched in Hindi with this service. All in all, there is a lot of stuff for the viewers to watch if they have access to the ‘Hits Active’ service. Interestingly, this ‘Active’ service is available for streaming and subscription at just INR 1.43/day. Moreover, it is an ad-free service. This means the viewers won’t have to look at a bunch of annoying advertisements as they tune into their favourite movies with the ‘Hits Active’ service. Watch the best South Indian and international movies on your TV sets by opting for a brand-new Dish TV DTH connection right away.  Right from Telugu to Malayalam movies (and everything in between), the viewers will be able to watch a lot of new and exciting stuff on their TV sets if they choose to opt for this ‘Active’ service by Dish TV DTH.

Thriller Active

‘Thriller Active’ is one of the best services to check out for all those who wish to watch the best Indian thriller and horror TV shows and movies on their TV sets. Much like the ‘Hits Active’ service, this service can also be subscribed to at just INR 1.43/day. Also, new movies are telecasted on your TV sets if you opt for the ‘Thriller Active’ service. A new movie gets telecasted every weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Korean-Dramas Active

The ‘Korean Dramas Active’ service is tailor-made for all those who wish to watch the best Korean shows in Hindi. This service is also an ad-free service. Plus, it contains a large catalogue of Korean dramas for the viewers to look forward to on their TV sets. Subscribe to this service at just INR 1.43/day. Plus, the subscribers choosing to go for this service can also listen to K-pop music with this service. So, go for a Dish TV set top box right away if you wish to take your entertainment quotient to the next level. All those who have a taste for international (South Korean) TV shows should make it a point to subscribe to this service without fail.


Zeeplex is a popular movies-on-demand service that seems to have gained a lot of prominence in recent times. All those who wish to watch the best Hindi and regional Indian movies on their TV sets can check this movie rental service 0out right away. Pair the Zeeplex service up with a Dish TV set top box in order to enjoy the best movies on your TV set in the summer of 2022. Just select the movie you wish to watch. Also, the viewers will need to select the show time of their choice before they can watch the movie of their choice.

Get a Dish TV DTH connection right now if you like watching the best movies and TV shows from across the globe. In simple words, there is no dearth of entertainment for the viewers and subscribers of Dish TV DTH. Check this service out right away and do not forget to subscribe to all of the best ‘Active’ services.

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