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Top Comedy Web Series on Watcho for Your Friday Watchlist

Some of the top comedy web series can be streamed on Watcho. There is always something unique and exciting for the viewers to tune into on their smartphones. If you want to experience a good time at home, then Watcho’s comedy shows are a must-watch for you during the weekend. You will find all OTT subscriptions in one when you go for the Watcho One app. It brings you access to the likes of Zee5, Epic, Watcho, and Hotstar.

Also, there are several comedy-oriented web series that you will get to stream on the Watcho app when you start checking out this app. There are several unique and original offerings (in terms of web shows and other video content) on the Watcho app.

Here are some of the best original series within the comedy genre that you can stream on the Watcho app:

Stand-Up Everyone

Stand-up Everyone is an elaborate stand-up comedy show that the viewers will enjoy streaming on the Watcho app. All those who have a liking for new and fresh gags would enjoy streaming this show. It has more than 10 episodes, this means it will keep you entertained throughout the weekend once you start watching it. Explore the best gags pulled by the likes of Shashi, Anushka Sharma and Badel Kumar in this popular comedy show. Moreover, do check out the other watch Indian web series online without wasting time.


Jokeistan is one of the best comedy shows available for streaming on Watcho. If you love comedy shows, then add Jokeistan to your watch list without wasting anymore time. This original web series has 7 episodes in season one. A group of friends gets to meet each other after a long time. They share comical stories about their work and life when they meet. Also, they all want oner of the friends to pay a large sum of money. Will they succeed in their mission? Watch the first season of ‘Jokeistan’ to find the answer for yourself. Also, do check out Watcho One, which is an all-OTT subscription in one.

It’s My Pleasure

It’s My Pleasure’ is an Indian adult-comedy show that talks of a young corporate junkie’s journey after he decides to get on with an online business of selling sex toys. He does not tell anyone, not even his best friend, about this venture of his. Well, that is because the Indians are very hesitant when it comes to discussing sex and sexuality. This web series rests of the shoulders of Keshav Sadhna and contains 9 episodes in season 1.

The Morning Show

The morning Show’ is a 9-part series available on the Watcho app. This comedy web series stars Ali Asghar as the male lead. An actor at heart, a young man decides to kick start a gym of his own. Well, that is because he thinks that all actors and producers make their way to the gym in order to keep themselves in shape. This series will make you laugh and giggle uncontrollably once you start watching it. Moreover, do check out Watcho One, which is an all-OTT subscription in one. It brings you access to various Indian OTT platforms, such as Watcho, Zee5, Hotstar, etc.

The Watcho app provides you with an opportunity to watch Indian web series online. There are web series across all genres and sub-genres that you will get to stream on your TV set. There are short films and live TV channels as well that you will get to stream on your smartphone if you have access to the Watcho app.

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