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Smart TV Recommendations for Festive Purchase

The arena of technology is fast evolving with the launch of a new gadget every other week. If you like smart gadgets, it might be interesting to know about the technology used. As the festive season is approaching, you might be considering buying a smart TV for your family. Looking for the trendiest and smartest TV sets with all the latest features? Check out these technological innovations in today’s smart TVs:

An Introduction to AI

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines that mimic cognitive learning and problem-solving. AI has already made its debut in the fields of computer science, medicine, film, and media, military and defence systems, intelligent devices, and robotics. Gone are the days of smart TV, AI-powered TV has already entered the market and it’s not going anywhere. Get an android smart stick with a new Dish TV, the best DTH connection in India.

Smart Recommendations

Subscription-based platforms like YouTube is using AI to transform the entertainment industry. Netflix’s AI uses your pre-watched shows, searched content, to create a custom recommendation of Netflix shows. AI is revolutionizing next-generation TV and video recommendations. Netflix also introduced an AI-powered Dynamic Optimizer for video compression without any perceivable loss in the quality of the video. Home entertainment has also transformed with the introduction of AI. Humans now engage with their robots like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa, daily. The integration of AI algorithms with major TV channels like HBO and Star World will recommend new shows based on past viewing patterns.

Smart Assistants

Major DTH provider like Dish TV is offering set-top boxes with AI Home Assistant. The Assistant offers 95% accuracy on translating voice commands. The main features include schedule management, information on weather and traffic and control of IoT powered devices at home. These devices use AI assistant services like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. You can use your AI assistant to make a video call on your TV screen connected to the device. AI is also incorporated for programmatic TV Ads based on the duration of previously watched ads, preference of ads watched, and ads skipped. Watch the news or any other shows hands-free. AI is helping industry pioneers to retrieve key insights into customer viewing behaviours.

TV Recommendations 

A leading television manufacturer Skyworth has collaborated with Chinese internet giant Baidu to launch Skyworth Super AI TV. LG has already launched LG OLED TV AI ThinQ in the USA which provides intelligent integration with all smart devices. This Google Assistant and Alexa integrated TV will allow you to find the name of the casting actor and dim the lights of the living room while helping you to find a Mediterranean restaurant near you. Samsung Electronics has launched AI- applied 85-inch QLED TV. Hisense also launched VIDAA AI TV. AI voice-based interface has replaced traditional remote controls for these AI integrated TVs. AI also helps to fine-tune show recommendations, thereby saving time to browse. You can connect your smart TV with a smart assistant to enjoy handsfree wi-fi services.

These are some of the technology being used in smart TVs. Get your smart TV this year and connect your DTH connection to enjoy the best entertainment at home.

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