Productive Working from Home – Vastu Tips for Office at Home

Given the quantum of traffic outside and other external factors, working at home has been increasingly becoming a choice for most professionals. Working from home improves productivity and while saving time spent on commuting to work and home every day, there’s much more time at hand to put at work.

Home offices, though not a relatively new trend, but picked up momentum from a few years. While a person may set up a home office in bedroom corner, on dining table, near passage or gest room but there are some locations just not favourable for a home office. While your home may be constructed with the best cement quality and other Vastu guidelines, home office needs separate tips and advices to follow.

Let’s look at some of the home office Vastu tips for working from home and succeed:

Home Office Vastu Tips

  • If you’re a working professional that regularly works from his home office, it’s extremely important to designate the work place for the purpose and use it for that only. It’s crucial to keep the work and home energies separate to maintain a healthy balance.
  • The north area or zone in your home is favourable for career, work, and business. It’s more fruitful if a home office is setup in that direction with an image of a goal or dream that you wish to accomplish in near future.
  • Colour of walls or furniture in your home office should be focussed at being happy and allow you to be creative. Place pictures and idols that motivate you to achieve and work more.
  • The south-east area of your home zone exhibits fire element and is idyllic for keeping computer, laptop, printer, or more. Lights and lamps shouldn’t be too harsh and be in warmer tone. Never place a water fountain near south-east direction in home office.
  • Place your seating arrangement in a way that you face east or north while working on your computer.
  • Though more of a general tip, keeping your home office absolutely neat, organized, and clutter-free will help you stay more alert and active at work and will keep procrastination at bay. It’s very important to keep the energy and enthusiasm quotient alive in the home office.

Places to Avoid for Home Office

  • Brahmasthan or the centre of the home is a strict no-no to set up home office as it must be kept unblocked and open for the energies to flow freely. Working right in the centre of the home brings chaos in personal and professional lives.
  • Never set up your home office in the northeast direction of your home as it brings more responsibilities and lesser chances of success.
  • Your office desk shouldn’t be facing the wall of the toilet on the other side as that brings hard luck at work.
  • Avoid setting up your home office below the staircase in a duplex apartment as it makes it harder to concentrate in that area.
  • Always tidy away your desk once you’ve stopped working to let the energies move in and out freely.

Home office is a great concept with amazing benefits to offer only when applied after blending these great Vastu tips to bring in more luck, prosperity, and success. When it comes to selecting the highest-quality construction material for your home or office, trust and check MP Birla cement price per bag to reckon supreme endurance.

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