Movies to Keep Your Kids Entertained Throughout the Summer Vacations

Summertime is filled with activities, sports, movies, and summer camps. While it can be a good time to relax with your kids and family, sometimes it can be challenging to keep your kids engaged in activities. Sometimes those summer camps can be too monotonous for your kids, and you might be tired of taking them to the amusement parks every year. Looking for a better and affordable kid-friendly entertainment to keep them occupied during the summer holidays? What’s better than watching some classic movies? The best part is that you can also enjoy with your kids. Give your kids some healthy snacks and put on these movies.

Jurassic Park

This trilogy is a series of classic movies loved by both kids and adults. Highly entertaining movie for both kids and adults, this trilogy is all about kids’ adventure in the Jurassic Park and their encounter with the dinosaurs. This movie has over three sequels full of adventure, action, and thrill.

The Polar Express

A thrilling holiday adventure movie must watch for kids of all age. It revolves around a young boy who goes on a magical journey to the North Pole on the iconic Polar Express. This journey leads him to learn about bravery, friendship, and sharing. It’s a happy and upbeat family film.

Home Alone

A classic movie and a family entertainer, especially during the holiday season. This series is a story of a little boy who’s left alone while his entire family leaves for a vacation. It’s about the solitary time of the kid into a triumphant heroic tale when he ends up saving his home. This exciting Christmas adventure of the kid is a delight to watch. It has over three successful sequels on a similar theme.

Looking for some hilarious web shows to watch on your smartphone or iPad? Download Watcho app today and browse from a huge collection of stand-up comedy and web-series like Jokeistan. The plot of this comedy revolves around six crazy best friends meet up to relive their hilarious life episodes while giving birth to new ones. It is a funny show to stream on this app.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This hilarious movie trilogy showcases the adventures in the life of a little boy. A family of five goes through various things while bringing up a toddler and a dog. This movie is children friendly and best enjoyed with your little ones. This movie is based on a novel that became a huge bestseller.

Miracle on 34th Street

This film showcases the story of a lawyer and a little girl who is set to prove that Santa Claus is real. They finally approve of the legendary holiday figure through witnessing a miracle. It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic movie filled with motivation, cheer, and joy. The storyline entails a businessman stuck in a rut, who encounters an angel that shows him the way life would have been if he never existed. This romantic film is a good family watch during this season.

Now that you have a great collection of entertainment options to keep your kids occupied, enjoy the summer break and family time.

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