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How to Keep linguistic Jargons at Bay in a BPO Contact Centres?

It goes without saying that BPM services are required by companies of all types and kinds. No matter how big or small the business is, you will always need a BPO call centre company to handle the customer service part of the business. If you are dealing in products and/or services, then it is highly likely that your customers will face problems whilst using your product or service for the first time.

There are several BPO service providers that you can get in touch with if you are looking to get your product or service-oriented problems sorted with ease. Interestingly, linguistic barriers do end up causing problems whenever people across two or more geographical locations are involved.

Here is how linguistic barriers can be kept at bay within a BPO call centre:

Use Omni-Channel Communication Support

Using omni-channel customer support is a great way of keeping linguistic barriers at bay. Here is an example: all the callers who are not good at English can be contacted over online messaging platforms and emails. In this way, these people will be able to translate the text in the language of their preference. This practice can be of immense help in keeping linguistic barriers at bay if used efficiently. Large-scale BPO service providers are also in the process of hiring language experts in order to cater to a largely heterogenous customer/caller base.

Keep it Simple and Straightforward

Do not add elaborate technical details in your speech whilst talking to a non-native speaker who knows very little (or nothing) about your language. Here is an example: use the simplest of words if your customer isn’t very good at English. Also, remember to not sound like a school teacher whilst interacting with a non-native English speaker. Also, there is no need to speak loudly whilst interacting with someone who does not understand your language. Speak politely and ask him if he has any doubts.

It’s Okay if not Everybody Can Speak English

Yes. It is perfectly fine if you cannot speak English. No language is superior. It is always a good idea to hire the BPO customer service executives who speak a wide set of languages. In this way, you will be able to cater to a wider set of customers. BPM service providers understand the need to hire people with multi-lingual skills. The thing is: different callers and/or customers speak different languages. This means a BPO call centre executive will get to interact with a largely heterogenous (diverse) set of customers.  This is where a BPO agent’s multi-lingual skills will come in handy.

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