How much will it cost to become a pilot?

Becoming an elite pilot is one of the most common dreams of almost every youth but, trailing through the dream tends to be a bit trivial, too. This has been considered as one of the most prominent and highly promising jobs in the world. If you are interested to know about how to become a pilot and what are courses that a person needs to go through for the same, it is very essential to have complete knowledge over the subject. Well! If that’s on your mind, you are definitely at the right place. Here is an insight course info about the same providing enough knowledge over the subject.


Pilot – It is a person who controls the flight of the aircraft by operating its directional flight controls.

Basic Details of Pilot

In this article, you will come to know some basic details about the pilot training courses along with the cost to become a pilot. Here are the details as mentioned below: –


  • A person needs to have 12th with PCM as one of the subjects.
  • Must have 50% marks in 12th
  • Age limit – 18-30 years

Physical Requirements

  • Need to have good coordination between limbs & mind.
  • Should not have a fear of heights
  • Must not suffer from any disease that could hamper him for normal functioning
  • Able to work in pressure conditions

Height & Eyesight – Height should be at least 5 feet. And your eye should be perfect which means 6/6.


  • Student’s Pilot License–First, you need to apply for this. The basic need for this 10th pass and then you needed to appear for the test with 75% marks. Besides, there would be an oral test and if qualified, you will also have to get a medical clearance.
  • Private Pilot License – After obtaining the student’s license, you would be eligible for the first flying lesson. For private license, you would require 40 hours of flying experience with an instructor and 20 hours of solo flying experience.
  • Commercial Pilot License – To obtain this, you require 250 hours of flying experience out of which 150 should be solo flying. Along with that you also need to have 25 hours of cross-country flying and 10 hours of instrumental flying.

Cost To Be Bore for Becoming a Pilot

The cost to become a pilot is far higher than any other course. Indeed, it is one of the highest pilot training courses throughout the world. You need to go through three stages of the course after which you tend to get a commercial pilot license. And you have to bear an approximate cost ranging between 15 – 20 lakhs for the entire three stages.

However, it has been noted that despite 0f the higher cost involved with this course; thousands of aspirants keep applying for the commercial pilot training courses. One of the prominent reasons for this is that the field is quite high paying. Becoming a pilot would open doors of opportunity to make up whatever spent in the course in just an instance.

Along with that if you intend to get admission to the pilot training coursesyou need to fulfill some requirements. You need to figure out certain physical and educational parameters that have already been mentioned above and see whether you are eligible for it or not.

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