How Media is Affecting the Young Minds of Our Society?

Media affects human mind, body, and spirit. What we see continuously, has an impact on our subconscious mind. Children’s mind is more vulnerable as compared to adults of matured age. We must be careful to what we are exposing our kids to on a regular basis. Mainstream media has a lot of violence, and other things portraying which affects the mind of children. When an immature child’s mind is exposed to such content, it starts influencing their behavior and character traits. It is very important to guard your child during the tender years of their lives.

Look at any advertisements, or movies or shows, all of them have a few things in common. Violence, sexual content and improper language are a major theme. Instead of allowing the youth to watch shows, encourage them to watch the Tamil shows that impart valuable life lessons and empowers them to be better individuals. We are allowing our kids to be intoxicated with such entertainment, then when they start acting crazy, we end up blaming them.

If you want to watch good Telegu comedy, check out the series in Watcho app. To understand how witnessing such content can impact an adolescent mind, we should consider a real-life case study. The growing number of pro-choice supporters are mostly the youth. What is the reason that these intelligent, educated youths of our country are supporting the murder of an unborn baby? The reasons that the pro-choice supporters’ state is mostly pertaining to these few themes:

The woman has the right to her body. The baby can be born with disabilities. The woman is a victim of sexual abuse. The baby was conceived from an unplanned pregnancy. The woman can’t afford to raise the child. The pro-choice supporters are fueled by lawmakers who make late-term abortion legal. When the veil of conscience is lifted, some people start treating abortion as a contraceptive measure. However, pro-life youth have very different views on life.

They understand the value of life. They are not willing to be brainwashed by media, lawmakers, movies that promote a horrendous thing like abortion. If you visit a school or college campus, you can find that pro-choice supporters are outnumbering the pro-life supporters. This case study clearly indicates the influence of media on a child’s mind. The best way to avoid this is to be very selective of the type of entertainment in your home. Enable child mode in your TV connection at home. Teach your children to question and think about everything that they learn. Our children build the pillars of the society we live in. When they have higher values and stronger morals, we will cultivate a world that we feel safe to live.

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