Five Things to Do Over the Weekend

Weekends are awesome, aren’t they? They provide people with an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Spending some time with family is definitely a good idea as all of us love spending time at home while indulging in countless friendly banters. Such interactions make our life rich and exciting, and make us feel ‘at home’.  Going out on a family outing is definitely a great idea, but that’s not the only way to spend some quality time with family members over the weekend.

If you want to enjoy some ‘me’ time, then go out for a stroll, and treat yourself to street food (momos happen to be a guilty pleasure XD). Also, staying at home offers you an opportunity to usethe new DTH connection offers that you have availed.

Here are a few fun-filled ways of having a good time at home this weekend.

Cook a lavish meal at home:

This is, perhaps, the easiest thing to do if you wish to spend a memorable time at home because nothing works like food. Get the food of your choice and cook a lavish meal at home on a lazy Saturday morning. If yours is a traditional Bengali household, then you can cook rice and fish. The idea is to spend some time with your family members while feasting over some of your favourite delicacies.

Good food not only satisfies your tummy, but your soul as well because having a memorable lunch with your family and friends is a moment to savour.

Go out and watch a movie

This has to be on your list if you happen to be a die-hard movie freak. Do keep track of the various movies running in the theatres near you. Also, go for advance bookings in case the movie you are planning to watch turns out to be a blockbuster.   

A handy tip: If you do not wish to do out and watch a film on the big screen, then Dish TV’s Video-On-Demand service offers you a wide range of brand-new movies to choose from. Scroll through the week’s schedule and order a movie you wish to watch, as simple as that. 

Binge-watching sounds exciting

If you are too lazy to step out of your comfort zone during the weekend, then binge-watching is quite a handy option. You can go for a new DTH connection with Wi-Fi. You can go for a brand new DTH connection offers by keeping an eye out for them.

If you are planning to spend time at home, then keep track of all of the new DTH connection offers because you will be needing your TV set if you are planning to spend time at home. Watching some exciting video content on TV is a great way of spending the weekend. All of us enjoy watching cricket matches at home during the weekend, right? If you are planning to watch online content on your TV, then search for new DTH connection offers with Wi-Fi.

A DTH connection with Wi-Fi will not only provide you with access to live TV, but will also allow you to stream video content across various VoD (Video-on-Demand) platforms. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, then hurry up.

Spend some time roaming around in the vicinity

You can go out for a walk during one of those lovely evenings in February as it will help rejuvenate your senses. If you wish to put to rest your street food cravings, then get the gang along and barge into any roadside eatery to appease your taste buds.

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