Dish TV Services That All Movie Enthusiasts Would Love

Dish TV is known for its focus on TV channels across a wide set of languages. Be it Hindi channels, regional channels or international channels, you will get to watch all of your favourite TV shows, movies, and a whole lot more with a Dish TV set top box. It is the best HD set top box for all those who want to watch the top HD channels on their TV sets at affordable prices.

Dish TV is the only DTH service that you will ever need if you want to keep yourself entertained in the long run. The widest collection of channels (both regular and premium) is made available to you at affordable rates and prices. In all fairness, Dish TV DTH is one of the cheapest DTH services in the country. You can all give it a try right now.

Here are some of the best Dish TV DTH services for all those who enjoy watching movies:

Best HD Movie Channels

The best HD movie channels are available for viewing with the Dish TV DTH service. All those who have a taste for new and exciting movies can give this HD service a go ahead. There are several channels that you will get to watch, right from Zee Cinema HD to Star Movies HD, that you can watch with India’s cheapest DTH service. Check out the various channel packs offered by Dish TV DTH. Check it out without wasting anymore time.

Hits Active Movie Service

The ‘Hits Active’ movie service is the only thing you would require if you are looking to watch the best South Indian movies in Hindi. The Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies available for streaming with this ‘Active’ service are all available in the Hindi language. Plus, the price for subscribing to this service from Dish TV is just INR 1.43/day. Subscribe to this service if watching the best South Indian movies in Hindi (dubbed) is your favoured pastime.

Movies Active

‘Movies Active’ is one of the most popular movie-oriented services offered by Dish TV DTH to all of its subscribers who wish to watch the best Bollywood movies on their TV sets in full HD picture quality and surround sound. There is a weekly movie showcase service that the viewers will get to avail with this HD TV service. The Sunday movie marathon lets toy stream new movies every Sunday. Check this service out right now for just INR 1.98/day. It is an ad-free movie service that you get to subscribe to when you opt for India’s best HD set top box.

Thriller Active

The ‘Thriller Active’ service is the best movie-oriented service for you if you love watching thriller and/or horror movies and TV shows in HD. Get this service for just INR 1.43/day. If you are a fan of thriller shows and movies, then there is a weekly showcase that you get to check out when you go for this service. It lets you stream new thriller and horror movies every Saturday and Sunday. So, what are you waiting for? Go for the best HD set top box if you are looking to stay entertained for a considerable amount of time.

Dish TV brings you the best HD set top box at an affordable price. You can now watch all of your favourite channels (across several genres) on your TV sets with Dish TV. Also, there are several ‘Active’ channels available for subscription with Dish TV. So, Check them all out right now.

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