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Dish TV Services For Watching International Shows

International shows can be watched by the masses by going for a Dish TV DTH subscription. All those who have a taste for Korean shows and international movies can give this service a try. There are several international shows and movies that the viewers will be able to watch on their TV sets in HD with the Dish TV DTH service. Also, you can check out HD channels for watching international and regional movies.

There are several premium services available for streaming with a Dish TV DTH subscription. All those who want to treat themselves to the best international shows and movies can give this service a try. If watching the best international TV programs, movies and a lot more sits atop your agenda, then here is a DTH service that you should not ignore.

Here are the various services offered by Dish TV DTH for watching international shows and movies:

Hits Active

‘Hits Active’ is a popular service that the viewers and enthusiasts of international and regional cinema would enjoy using. If you are fond of international movies (Hindi dubbed), then this service is tailor-made for you. Also, there are various regional movies from the southern part of the country that the viewers would enjoy watching in Hindi. This service is available for subscription at just Rs. 1.3/day. This means the viewers will not have to spend excessively to buy this premium entertainment service.  The likes of Prithviraj Sukumaran, Dulquer Salmaan and Mammoothy will be here to entertain the masses with some of their best movies.

Additionally, this service is an ad-free service. This means a bunch of irritating ads won’t pop up out of nowhere while you are enjoying your favourite south Indian and international movies in Hindi.

HD Channels for Watching English/International Movies

There are several channels available for streaming on TV with the Dish TV DTH service. The best Hollywood movie channels, such as Star Movies and &Flix HD are available for subscription with ease, all thanks to the Dish TV HD channel services. Moreover, the viewers can settle for HD variants of each of the English/international movie channels. Take this for an example: HD variants of Star Movies and &Flix are also available for subscription. Interestingly, the viewers can choose a single channel for subscription in case he/she does not want to buy the entire English movie channels pack.

Korean Dramas Active

‘Korean Dramas Active’ is a popular international TV show service that provides the viewers and subscribers with access to a wide range of international (South Korean) dramas. All of the dramas available for viewing with this premium channel are dubbed in Hindi. Also, this channel is available for streaming by the audience at just INR 1.3/day.  Moreover, the Korean Drama Active service is an ad-free service. No irritating ads would disturb the viewers while they are enjoying their favourite Korean dramas with their friends and family.

Language-Oriented Services

Plus, various international channels, such as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc. can be streamed in Hindi. This means all of the non-English speakers can also watch international shows with ease. Here is an example: Dish TV DTH provides Cartoon Network, a popular kids’ channel, is available for streaming in various Indian languages, including English, Hindi, etc.

Get a Dish TV DTH service right away and explore all of these services and premium channels. There is always a new movie or TV show to watch for the viewers with the Dish TV DTH service. Also, channels in various languages can also be streamed with this service. So, go for it now.

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