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Best Comedy Web Series to Watch on Watcho During Extended Weekends

Watcho is one of the best OTT apps for all the viewers who wish to watch the best comedy web series on their smartphones. All those who have a liking for comedy shows should check out the catalogue of comedy shows available for streaming on Watcho. Adult comedy shows happen to be a striking feature of this app. All those who wish to make the best possible use of their holidays (extended weekends) can check this app out without wasting anymore time.

There are comedy web series online for all members of the family to watch. The Watcho app contains both adult-comedy and family-oriented comedy shows for the viewers to tune into at any given point. This comedy web series app is the only thing that you need if you are looking to swat aside all of your negative feelings.

Here are some of the top comedy series available for streaming on the Watcho app:

The Morning Show

The Morning Show’ is one of the latest comedy shows available for streaming on Watcho, a popular comedy web series app. If you are fond of family-oriented comedy shows, then the first season of ‘The Morning Show’ is tailor-made for you. Enjoy the epic comic timing of Kiku Sharda and Ali Asghar in this Watcho original. Ali Asghar plays a struggling actor in the show who decides to open a gym of his own because he thinks that all big actors and producers make their way to the gym in order to stay fit and active. He, too, is a struggling actor who is searching for his big break. Watch this show right now and get ready to laugh your hearts and souls out.


Jokeistan’ is one of the most popular comedy shows that all kinds of viewers would enjoy watching on the Watcho app. A bunch of friends comes together. They all start sharing comical stories about their work and life. However, there is a hidden agenda in store. All of the friends want one of their friends to pay up a large sum of money. Will they succeed in their mission? Watch this 7-part series to find the answer for yourself. This comedy web series will be enjoyed by viewers and web series lovers of all ages.

Macho on Watcho

Macho on Watcho’ is yet another exciting web show wherein Ashutosh Kaushik makes you laugh and giggle. This show is all about funny public reactions. No matter how serious and solemn the issue is, you will end up laughing uncontrollably, all thanks to a bunch of funny public reactions. There are as many as 42 episodes in the first season of ‘Macho on Watcho’. Download this comedy web series app and start watching ‘Macho on Watcho’ right away.

Masala Family

Masala Family’ is a family-friendly web show wherein a crazy Indian family locks itself up inside their own house in order to ‘fake’ a vacation. However, things take a drastic turn when a thief enters the house (thinking it’s empty). Also, there are 2 harmful ghosts residing within the house as well. Watch the first season of ‘Masala Family’ on Watcho if you like comedy shows with overlapping storylines.

Download the Watcho app and start watching all of your favourite comedy web series right away. This app is the only thing you would need to keep yourself occupied (and entertained) in the long run. So, check the various original shows, plays, short films, live TV channels, etc. available for streaming on this app right away.

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