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6 Proven Hacks for Personal & Professional Efficiency

Busy? That’s how you end up describing yourself all the time? Feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to do all you thought of?
If you can relate to these questions, you’re probably undermining your efficiency and not optimizing it the right way. If you’re a regular employee based at office space in Kolkata and you find yourself exhausted most of the time, bookmark this post.
Here are 7 proven hacks for personal and personal efficiency that work like wonders for all employees working at office space for lease across the country:

1. Sleep for At least 7 Hours a Day
Though it may sound like a joke but the importance of sleep is extremely crucial in boosting anyone’s productivity. Sleep plays an important role in being more efficient and productive. When you sleep for straight 7-8 hours a day without any interruptions, it rejuvenates your exhausted and tired body. Just like every other part, your brain also needs rest and sleep to repair the worn-out cells.
This is one of the best productivity and efficiency hacks that doesn’t even need much time and effort.

2. Keep Taking Adequate & Regular Breaks
You might think taking breaks is counterintuitive as we’re talking about work here; if you take short, regular and adequate breaks in between the work, it actually boosts your memory, fuels creativity, and increases concentration.

When you’re continuously working for long stretches of time without taking any break, it adds up to your stress levels and increases exhaustion which leads to fatigue. This can be countered by taking short and regular breaks at work to return feeling energized, refreshed, and thus increase your efficiency and productivity at work.

3. Learn to Handle Single Tasks
Let’s just accept this fact that though we love and wish to multitask many things a day, a human brain isn’t even wired to handle such things. A research proves that multitasking reduces a brain’s working capacity by 40% and brings down the efficiency. This happens when you’re shuffling between multiple tasks, it limits your focus and ends up increasing your mental fatigue and stress.
To combat this situation and boot your productivity, it is advisable to focus only on one task at a time. You can take help of some online tools too that help you save time and remind you if you’re on a certain task for longer than usual.

4. Follow the “Two-minute” Role
Several authors and influential people have time and again stressed on the importance of adopting a “2-minute rule”. The rule says that if you’ve a pending job at hand that requires only 2 minutes to complete, do it then and there itself. Once you leave that task hanging, it gets piled up with the other tasks and then it takes forever to be done.
Human brain is wired to procrastinate answering emails, making your bed, and doing small daily chores that it finds mundane. However, the time-tested and proven hack to ensure productivity is to manage time to do those tasks then and there.

5. Plan a Night Before
To-do lists are the best and proven productivity boosters and always end up saving time and effort beside help you staying focussed and always organized at work and in personal life. When you want to succeed at work professionally and in personal life too, always make a list of tasks to be done the next day a night before.

Doing this will make sure that you’ve clearer vision for the day ahead and one you’re done with the tasks, striking them off the list gives human brain a rush. However, it’s very important to keep things simple and realistic and don’t stuff the to-do list with tasks that you can’t complete.

6. Get Organized & Minimize Digital Distractions
Several studies have proved over the time that staying organized is an important part of personal and work culture. A messy desk is a sign of workplace clutter and sense of loss of direction. A cluttered workplace and desk limit your brain’s capability to focus on the important tasks and process information. To avoid stress and fatigue and improve efficiency at work, start by decluttering and organizing your workspace in a way that the important items are easily retrievable.
Also, when working on important tasks, make sure that the digital distractions like mobile phone, social media, and more are kept either on silent mode or set them to an after-work mode. Tapping repeatedly between personal and professional space makes you put more effort on concentrating on the tasks and thus bring down your efficiency.

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