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4 Power-Packed Action Fests on the Watcho App

The Watcho app is known to create ‘quirky’ content. No matter what your tastes and preferences are, you will always have an exciting set of shows, short films, original plays, etc. for the viewers and subscribers to explore. Also, action-thrillers can be found in abundance on Watcho.

Watch a bunch of action-thriller web shows on the Watcho app if you wish to turn an ordinary day into something extraordinary and happening. There is always a brand-new show that you can watch on the Watcho app with your friends.

Here are some of the top action-packed web shows that people can check out on the Watcho app:


‘Jaalsaazi’ deals with the ruckus caused by rhino poachers in India. A team of wildlife vigilantes is put together in order to curtail the menace. The show consists of eight (8) episodes. This means the show is here to keep you busy for quite a while. Also, ‘Jaalsaazi’ can be streamed in various languages, including Kannada.  Watch ‘Jaalsaazi’ without fail if you want to enjoy a great time over the weekend with your loved ones.

Aghaat (Upcoming)

‘Aghaat’ is an upcoming original web show on Watcho. The show is about a notorious group of terrorists who happen to be operating from Australia. Not much is known about the storyline of the show. However, there is a lot of buzz around this web series, thanks in part to its popular storyline. All those who love action-packed shows can give ‘Aghaat’ a try as soon as it lands on Watcho. In the meantime, check out some of the most popular shows on the Watcho app.


‘Sarhad’ is yet another power-packed web show that you will love to watch if you have a taste for shows dealing with national security. A terrorist is nabbed by the Indian security agencies near the LOC. Many think that a major terrorist plot has been foiled. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. The show comprises seven (7) episodes and is a must watch for just about every action lover.

Mission Breaking News

This 12-part series is all you need to make your weekend happening. If you are in for a show dealing with murder and million-dollar conspiracies, then ‘Mission Breaking News’ is the perfect pick for you. A female journalist gets murdered and her son takes it upon himself to bring the bad guys to the sword.

Watch all of these original web shows to enjoy a great time at home with friends and family. There is always an exciting web show for people to watch on this OTT powerhouse. If you are fond of Indian video content, then check this OTT platform out this Friday night.

Download the Watcho app to enjoy some of the best pieces of video content on your smartphone. If fresh and quirky videos are your thing, then do not think twice before checking this OTT platform out. There is a lot of exciting content, including UGC, for you to check out on this platform right away.

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