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10 Healthy Foods to Eat on a Weight Loss Journey

If you are looking to lose weight or eat healthily, you might be wondering what to eat and what to avoid. While there is no shortcut to weight loss, you can achieve great results by sticking to a healthy whole foods diet. In this article, you can read about different food items that are healthy alternatives while eliminating processed and junk food from your diet. Keep reading to discover what are some of the best foods that you should be eating while on a weight loss regime:

1.Bake with Wholegrains & Natural Sweeteners

You can bake healthy recipes at home with whole grain flour and natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, dates, prunes, monk fruit, etc. Check out the Lakanto products on their website to find more about their natural sweeteners. For homestyle baking, use a zero-calorie Lakanto classic monk fruit sweetener.

Avoid Commercial Baked Goods

While trying to eat healthily, quit visiting the local supermarket bakeries. Avoid baked items that are loaded with refined sugar and refined flour. Many bakeries use artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives for their products.

2. Whole Grain Bread & Pasta

Enjoy including whole grains like whole wheat, quinoa, brown rice, etc., in your diet. If you enjoy a slice of toast with your breakfast, buy whole wheat sourdough bread, rye bread, and multigrain bread. If you like pasta, choose lentil or chickpea pasta. You can also bake bread at home, using Einkorn flour or sprouted whole wheat flour.

Avoid Refined Grains

Refined grains are easily processed and turned into sugar which can give a blood sugar spike. Avoid refined flour bread, pizza, pasta, and bagels, to avoid gaining excess weight.

3.Baked Chips w/ Healthy Homemade Dips

You can bake vegetable chips in the oven or air fryer with olive, salt, and spices of your choice. Enjoy some delicious sweet potato chips with homemade salsa.

Avoid Storebought Chips

Do not grab that bag of potato chips that are fried in hydrogenated oils.

4.Homemade Ice Teas

During the summer, you need to drink plenty of water and fluids to stay hydrated. You can add healthy beverages like coconut water, pure fruit juices, vegetable juices, and green tea. You can add a zero-calorie Lakanto classic monk fruit sweetenerto your glass of ice tea this summer.

Avoid Soda & Energy Drinks

While going for an outdoor hike or adventure sport, it might be tempting to get a can of soda or energy drink. Avoid buying all sweetened beverages like sweetened ice tea, coffee, soda, and energy drinks.

5.Cold-Pressed Fruit & Vegetable Juice

Start juicing at home with seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs. However, people on a weight loss diet should avoid drinking too many juices and enjoy whole fruit instead.

Avoid Fruit Juices

Do not buy fruit juices that are sweetened from your local grocery stores. Instead, get fresh juice or smoothie from a local juice bar.

6.Healthy Beverages

Enjoy drinking healthy beverages like green tea, red grape juice, unsweetened apple juice, etc.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause you to gain excess weight. It is ok to have a glass of wine occasionally, but if you have addiction issues, it’s best to stay away from alcohol.

7.Healthy Desserts

Make healthy desserts at home like Greek yogurt, granola, & berries parfait. You can also make ice cream at home using Lakanto Products. A monk fruit-based sweetener is the best choice for making ice cream at home. You can also make fruit popsicles using the Lakanto monk fruit classic sweetener.

Avoid Ice Cream 

You must avoid commercially available ice creams that are loaded with refined sugar.

8. Pizza at home

If you like takeout pizza, learn to make a whole wheat pizza at home. Use fresh mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce, and top with fresh basil leaves from your garden.

Avoid Pizza

Avoid pizza at your local restaurant or takeout joint made with refined flour, processed meat, processed cheese, and a sugary tomato sauce.

9. Barista-like Coffee at Home

You can easily brew freshly grounded coffee using a Moka pot or an Espresso machine at home. You can use a dairy/dairy-free creamer and a natural sweetener like Lakanto monk fruit classic sweetener to sweeten your coffee.

Avoid Commercial Chocolate & Coffee Drinks

Avoid buying cold coffee or chocolate drinks from your local grocery store that are loaded with sugar, cream, and preservatives.

10.Healthy Snacks at Home

You can easily bake granola or energy balls at home using honey or maple syrup.

Avoid Commercial Breakfast Cereals & Snacks

Take a note that a lot of breakfast cereals, granola, and muesli contain refined sugar, among other ingredients. It is better to avoid nut butter, energy bars, and protein bars that contain added sugar.

You can make a choice today towards healthier eating habits. Choose wholesome, naturally sweetened foods instead of refined and highly-processed foods for better overall health.

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