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10 Concrete Craft Wall Coverings by Craft Beton for Your Living Room

Designer wall coverings can add a beautiful touch to the walls of your living room. Transform the ambiance of your home by upgrading your walls in your home.

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Aero- Flying High

An Aerodynamic design is created to offer minimum resistance to air or water when flowing in one direction. Catch the interplay of light and shadow reflected on the tile structure with an arrow pattern.

Auburn- Shining in the darkness

The hexagonal shape of the wall covering eliminates the need for a boundary. This design represents the honeycomb made by honeybees.

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Bunt- For a celebration called life

These rustic tiles create a sense of movement on the wall akin to the flutter of a flag. Capture the interesting interplay of light and shadow with the Bunt wall coverings from Craft Beton.

Cumulo- Heaven on Earth

This artistic wall covering resembles cotton-like fluffy clouds floating across the summer sky. These concave hexagons fit together turning a flat wall into an interesting display of artwork.

Desert- Colours of the Sun

This beautiful wall covering is painted in hues of yellow and beige. Brighten up your home ambiance with the Desert wall covering from Craft Beton.

Draas – Ebb and flow of nature

This beautiful wall covering is moulded in the image of dunes, which come in diverse shapes and colours. When arranged together on a wall, they appear to produce the natural contours of a dune on a desert.

Ersa – Sparkles of dew

Inspired by the dewdrops falling on flowers and leaves, this embossed flower tile also seems to infuse romance into the still walls. Embellished with copper among the concrete structure, it adds an elegant character to your walls.

Escalier – Step in Stones

Inspired by this magnificent stepwell of an infamous queen, this hexagonal tile design creates structured patterns on the wall.

Escher – Ocean to Sky

Inspired by the woodcut print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher, called Metamorphosis I, this wall covering adds a luxe touch to your living room walls. These wallcoverings are shaped like a bird in flight, which symbolizes a seamless flow of ideas and time.

Floret – First Flush of love

Add a touch of Spring to your home with this Floret wallcovering from Craft Beton. As flowers blossom in celebration, this delicate design symbolizes how nature refreshes us in many ways.

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