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Why to Watch ‘Papa Ka Scooter’ on Watcho?

‘Papa Ka Scooter’ is one of the most loved family shows on the Watcho app. All those who have a liking for new and entertaining family shows can add the first season of ‘Papa Ka Scooter’ to their watch list. There are several heart-warming moments that you will get to witness as soon as you start streaming this original web series in Hindi on your phone.

With time, the first season of ‘Papa Ka Scooter’ has become one of the most-watched (and most loved) web series on the Watcho app. If you are looking to watch a web series that’s family centric and relatable, then this series is tailormade for you.

Here are a few good reasons to watch this web series on Watcho:

It Deals With the Love of a Family

Yes.  ‘Papa Ka Scooter’ deals with the love of a family. If you want to explore the best family shows on Watcho, then this app is the right pick for you. Enjoy a set of beautiful and relatable moments as you stream through the Watcho app. A father does every single thing that he can in order to collect funds for his son’s higher education. This original web series in Hindi is a must-watch for all fans and enthusiasts of family shows.

Everybody Can Relate to It

Everybody can relate to it because it deals with an average Indian family. If you are a fan of shows that deal with unconditional love and togetherness, then this show is a must-watch for you. The show deals with all the love we feel (and the sacrifices our family tends to make) when we live in a family. There Are eight (8) episodes in the first season of this Watcho original.

The Perfect Weekend Watch

This show makes for the perfect weekend watch. All those who wish to stream something ‘Indianised should make it a point to add this show to their weekend watch list. The chemistry between the father and son (as showcased in the show) is one of the striking features of ‘Papa Ka Scooter’. There are several similar Watcho originals that you will get to stream on this OTT platform once you’ve downloaded it.

The Watcho app is a must-have app for all those who have a liking for Indian and international shows. The viewers also get to watch live TV channels on their smartphone screens when they download this app. Download this app right now and get ready to explore the best video content from across the globe.

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