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Why is Spiti Valley the Ideal Holiday Spot for a Summer Family Holiday?

Spiti Valley can be counted among the most visited (and popular) hill stations in India. Those who wish to travel to Himachal Pradesh this summer can definitely give Spiti Valley a try.  The best part about visiting Spiti Valley is: it opens up a wide range of tourist attractions for touring parties and families. Take this for an example: those planning to visit Spiti Valley can also make their way to Shimla. However, it is interesting to note that there is an 11-hour journey that separates Shimla from Spiti Valley.

Those wanting to explore and embrace nature can hatch a plan to visit Spiti Valley this summer. Do remember to book Spiti Valley hotels before embarking on a trip to the hills of north India. To put things simply, Spiti Valley is just the destination for all those who want to enjoy a quick and memorable vacation in the hills.

How to Reach the Spiti Valley?

Board a bus from ISBT (Kashmere Gate) to Shimla.  Take NH 44 to reach Spiti Valley via Shimla. As stated earlier, it is interesting to note that the distance between Shimla and Spiti Valley is about 235 km. Bus journeys from Delhi to Spiti Valley can be quite tiring. Therefore, it is always a good idea to explore other ways of reaching Spiti Valley from Delhi. Those travelling by train can board the Kalka Shatabdi from Delhi in order to reach Kalka. From there on, the journey can be continued via road. There are taxis that connect Shimla/Kalka to the Spiti Valley.

Also, those wanting to travel to the Spiti Valley by air need to book a flight to Kalka, which is also the nearest airport to Spiti Valley. Also, do remember to book Spiti Valley hotels before hatching a plan to visit the place because Spiti Valley tends to get overcrowded during the peak tourist season. This means there is likely to be a dearth of suitable hotels in the area. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get Spiti Valley hotels booked well in advance.

Where to Stay?

Planning to stay in Spiti Valley? It is advisable to get a hotel booked before you embark on the journey with family and friends. Spiti Valley hotels are equipped with the best-in-class services to allow the tourists with an opportunity to enjoy a hearty vacation. Oyo Rooms has some of the best living spaces in its kitty that can be booked by tourists looking for budget-friendly stays in the Spiti Valley this summer.

Also, it would be great to search for a hotel in Spiti Valley near the market area as shopping happens to be quite a popular activity in the region.  All those who want to explore the very best of Himachal Pradesh should definitely pay a visit to the Spiti Valley.

Here’s What You Can Eat in Spiti Valley

The local food available in Spiti Valley in mouth-watering and will appease not just the stomach, but also the senses. So, it is absolutely fine if you do not wish to eat out at the hotel. All those who are heavy non-veg eaters would definitely love the traditional Spiti cuisine. Primary components of the Spiti Valley cuisine include chicken, mutton, lamb and yak (yes, you heard that right). Not just non-veg, Lahaul and Spiti Valley are both known for the rich variety of vegetables as well, includinf green peas, radish, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. This means there is a host of options for you to try out even if you aren’t a die-hard non-vegetarian.

Also, Tibetan foods, such as the good old Thukpa (noodle soup), are also found in abundance in the Spiti Valley hotels. If trying various exciting cuisines and snacks sits atop your priority list, then Spiti Valley is the perfect vacation destination for you.

Check Out These Tourist Attractions Without Fail

Pin Valley National Park

The Pin Valley National Park is a popular tourist attraction in the region and is loved by all those who wish to take out some time for themselves. Siberian Fox and Snow Leopard happen to be two of the most popular varieties of fauna on display in the region. Many of the endangered plants (with medicinal qualities) are found in the region. It is advisable to book a Spiti Valley hotel near the Pin Valley National Park to enjoy a picturesque setting. Do visit this place without fail if you wish to enjoy some peace and serenity this summer.

Chandratal Lake

The Chandratal Lake is just the destination for all those who wish to embrace and admire the undending beauty of the Spiti Valley.  Located at a height of over 4000 metres, the lake offers some splendid views of the entire region. All those who love adventure should definitely visit Chandratal as it is one of the most popular places to visit for all the adventure lovers as the terrains in the region are uneven (more or less). Also, the Spiti Valley hotels in the region are also equipped with all the major services to make your stay comfortable and convenient. All those wanting to camp in peace can pay a visit to Chandratal.

Kumzum Pass

It is best to visit Kumzum Pass during wintertime as thick white blankets of snow happen to greet the visitors. Also, those who want to go motor biking can do so @ the Kumzum Pass. It is one of the most beautiful passes in the country and happens to be a destination of choice for all the photography enthusiasts out there. It is one of the highest motorable passes and ends up connecting the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. Book Spiti Valley hotels n the region and treat yourself to some breathtaking views.


All those who wish to fall in love with snow-covered mountains can visit Kaza. Located in the Spiti Valley, Kaza is one of the most serene and peaceful destinations that touring parties and families would ever get to visit. It is interesting to note that Kaza is divided into 2 parts (New Kaza and Old Kaza). Gompas and monasteries happen to be a major attraction in the region.  Moreover, hotels in Kaza need to be booked beforehand as this place happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in India’s north.

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